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  Clint Morgan vs. Joey DeFranco

Clint Morgan

Brutal standing headscissors

Breath taking big bearhug

Joey sleepered by Clint

Joey beaten and battered

David vs. Goliath K-O Fantasy

"You sure you're ready for this, boy?" asks big Clint as he arrives at the motel room of Joey, whose stars'n'stripes trunks accentuate his vulnerable boyishness. Clint has a long history with BG wrestling, and he's legendary for his loud mouth and his focused beatings of his often hapless babyface opponents. Surprisingly, Joey is not intimidated in the least by this Goliath. His eager resolve show that either he has some tricks up his sleeve, or he is willing to soak up whatever punishment the big man throws his way, hoping perhaps to take advantage of some un-noticed chink in Morgan's armor.

The big guy treats his victim to powerful front and reverse bearhugs, leaving him virtually unconscious on the mattress. Tight sleeper headscissors follow, then a sleeper, and the even the dreaded "kiss of death" sleeper. Barely conscious, Joey can offer any resistance to 2 reverse piledrivers and 2 bulldog headlocks. Another sleeper leaves Joey out for the count. Clint puts on his jeans. Will he allow Joey to come-to in peace? NAH!!! KO lovers, rejoice!

CLINT MORGAN: 6'3", 210 lbs.
JOEY DIFRANCO: 5'6", 135 lbs.

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Clint Morgan vs. Joey DeFranco
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Come on! Get up, boy!

Cockily taunting his KO'd victim

Joey DeFranco

Air tight reverse bearhug

Posing over defeated jobber Joey

Figure-4 headscissors choke

Unconscious jobber boy

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