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  Brad Rochelle vs. Jed Jamison

Brad's Audition File

Jed Jamison: 5'10 200

Brad uses his belt

Brad body slammed

Show Me What You Got!

For years, Brad was the BGE doormat? the locker room scuttlebutt about him was: if you're feeling mean, get in the ring with Brad! No one suffered like Brad. But beneath the nice guy exterior burned an unquenchable thirst for revenge. The humiliation heaped on him in the wake of being hi-jacked to sign this new contract was the final straw. While Leopard?s on tour 'auditioning' new talent, Brad?s taken over BGE, ?auditioning? new talent of his own! ?We got one spot and whichever one of you impresses me the most gets it,? Brad sneers to newbies Jed and Braden. He gives Braden a shove. ?Since you were late, you can wait.? Brad?s patience runs even thinner when hunk Jed appears in a tank top and football shorts. ?You gotta be kidding me,? he says, rummaging through the closet and settling on yellow posers. ?Put this on!? But Jed returns with the trunks under his shorts. ?They don?t fit,? Jed complains. ?It would be so much easier if you punks would listen?? Brad attacks the applicant, stripping him down to the posers. Jed's a rookie, but he?s had some training, and before Brad knows it, he's suffering yet again?including an amazing rocking OTK backbreaker that would put anyone else on the injured list. For a while, it looks like Brad?s reign of terror over first-timers might finally be coming to an end....

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Brad Rochelle vs. Jed Jamison
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The Contract 8 Arena Galleries

Jed's vicious rack

Braden Charron: 5'8 200

Brad Rochelle: 6' 185

Strangle surfboard

OTK seesaw backbreaker

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