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  Shannon Embry vs. Brad Rochelle

Shannon Embry 6', 165

Professor Brad makes a point

Neck breaking dragon sleeper

Practicing the abdominal stretch

Abdominal stretch instruction

Treacherous Training: Welcome to BG East!

When Mr. Brad catches Johnny Firestorm (or "Firefly" as Brad calls him) sitting in the usurped Kid Leopard throne Brad has recently made his own, he not only orders Jonny to get off his ass but orders him to go mow the lawn - with scissors! He also usurps Jonny's Leopard-ordered duty of "training" a young pretty new rookie boy, Shannon Embry. When the newbie arrives on the scene and finds Jonny out on the grounds doing lawn-duty rather than waiting for him in the ring, Jonny curtly tells him to where to go! In this case, right up to the ring and a eagerly waiting Mr. Brad. Cockier than ever, Brad orders the lean twink to get suited up while he watches a video of himself dominating the buff Jed Jamison. 'Mr.' Brad wastes no time getting to lesson number one: "be ready for anything," he commands, as he cheap-shots Shannon and tosses the naive young rookie into the ring. Intent on toughening him up real fast, Brad stuns the newbie with a series of mighty scoop-slams. Shannon is shocked breathless - he wasn't quite ready for that!. Lesson number two: Brad "teaches" the kid a few holds, including the wrenching armbar and a gut-punch-heavy abdominal stretch. Ever cocky and confident, Mr. Brad invites the new kid to try an abdominal stretch of his own. When it's Shannon's turn, the tall tough blond shows he's got the makings of a serious challenger. Brad's abs get stretched and atacked in ways we're sure he didn't anticipate. What's more, and worse for Brad, Shannon then applies a neck-cranking, face-disfiguring, shoulder-wrenching cross-face chicken wing, putting Brad's beautiful taut muscularity on painful display. Even punishment sponge Mr. Brad has to concede to a hold as painful as that! So Shannon has made his polint. Uh oh! Now what? Bad Brad, that's what! Professor Brad goes berserk, completely dropping his lesson plan in favor of a old-fashioned outright brutal beatdown. But maybe that's what he had in mind all along! After all, having been a victim of deceit and deception himself, luring a victim into a trap is not exactly a novel concept! Using his faux-honor tactics, Brad exploits the rookie's naiveté, luring the kid into cheap shots when he's down and convincing Shannon to release a hold when Brad manages to grab the ropes. Well, if Brad is proving to be more than skilled at some of the more nefarious aspects of ring wrestling, you can't say that he didn't come by it honestly. He learned his lessons the hard way at the hands and boots of some of BG's nastiest heels. And nowadays, and especially in Kid Leopard's absence, it's payback time on anyone who steps into Brad's path. And just as Professor Brad is administering Shannon's final exam, one Steven Thomas appears at the door of The Arena. Steven observes the carnage for a few moments and finally disgusted with the obviously gratuitous babyface abuse, he barks at Bad Brad: "Why don't you pick on some one your own size!" Hmmm.... Them's fightin' words.

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Shannon Embry vs. Brad Rochelle
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Have you learned your lessons?

Evidently not well enough!

Mr. Brad 6', 190

Get up!

Shannon arched over the ropes

Cross-face chicken wing

Brad's big bad body slam

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