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  Shannon Embry vs. Jonny Firestorm


Shannon snags a rear head lock

Hair pulling camel clutch

Indian deathlock boot kiss

Jonny hangs Shannon with his shorts

Where You Goin' With Those Boots?

A badly battered and humbled Shannon storms off to his car. When lawn-boy-cum-janitor Jonny notices that the twink is still wearing BG boots, he gets justifiably alarmed. Jonny knows there would be hell to pay if a pair of BG East's prized boots walked off and went missing. And whether that hellfire came from Brad or from Kid Leopard is irrelevant to Jonny-caught-in-the-middle. Still smarting from his unexpected BG East debut experience, Shannon accuses Jonny of setting him up, turning a deaf ear to Jonny's apologetic explanation. When the still-smarting rookie ignores Firestorm's request to remove the boots, the usually patient and much put-upon Jonny finally loses it. All he knows is those boots are not walking off the BG premises without a fight! He rams Shannon like a bull and then rips off his shirt. He proceeds to choke the kid with everything and anything he can find, from the rookie's shirt, and his own, to Shannon's pants, pausing only to pound the kid's gut, and slam him to the ground. But if Jonny is frsutrated and angry, so is Shannon - and that equals fireworks! It seems Shannon's learned a lot in his brief encounter with Mr. Brad, and manages to escape Jonny's clutches with a jaw-breaking reversal. After pounding the pro's muscled backside, Shannon applies one of the armbar techniques he learned just a half hour earlier. And the battle of two eager 19 year olds on ON! Jonny is absolutely intent on removing Shannon's stolen boots, and will even endure the occasional attack?including an agonizing leg split?to ensure he retrieves them. Eventually Jonny gets tired of Shannon's feisty defenses and decides that just reclaiming the purloined boots is not enough. This newbie needs to be taught another lesson and Jonny's just the one to instruct him. He pounds and stomps the new boy, then applies a brutal hair-pulling camel clutch, a nasty hangman variation, crushing bodyscissors to break his will. Shannon tries to slow the Firestorm with a sleeper but it's too little, too late. Jonny's just too strong, too skilled and most importantly, too determined. He wants those *#&@+% boots and no blond rookie boy is gonna stop him from taking them. A wicked wedgie finally breaks Shannon's will and Jonny applies a variety of holds to keep Shannon preoccupied with pain as he proceeds to remove the prized booties with ease. For additional measure, Jonny applies an Indian deathlock, shoves one of the removed boots in the pretty boy's face and demands that Shannon sniff and kiss the boot. Ultimately, young Shannon is left totally sprawled out and gets resuscitated with the help of a litre of water! Meanwhile, back at The Arena....

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Shannon about to get booted

Rib-crushing body scissors

Jonny Firestorm, 5'6, 150

Jonny splits Shannon open wide

One very wicked wedgie

Shannon slaps on a sleeper

Shannon feels Firestorm's heat

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