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  Brad Rochelle vs. Steven Thomas

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Bound and belly battered

Brad corners and knee drives Steven

Big boot to the bread basket!

Steven makes a comeback

Detention: Execution by Gut-Punching

From The Arena balcony Mr. Brad has been watching the goings-on between his 'Firefly' janitor and Shannon 'the Shlepper' with great bemusement. But now he turns his attention to more a pressing matter: The Impertinent Mr. Steven Thomas. Steven had booked The Arena to train with his buddy Patrick Donovan. But by arriving early he chanced upon Brad's tutorial of Shannon Embry - and let his feelings be known. Interrupting Brad's "classroom" and criticizing the instructor are inexcusable and punishable offenses. Brad lays in wait and pearl harbors the handsome Californian. He unleashes a ferocious gut-pounding on Steven's unsuspecting washboard midsection. After repeatedly lifting the prettyboy up by the neck to send him reeling with a perfectly placed ab punch, Rochelle straps the victim to the backside of one of the turnbuckle posts. Once Steven's abs are rosy red from the barrage of blows and claws, Brad unties him from his corner post bondage, grabs him by the back of his trunks and tosses his nearly-limp lean and lovely body through the ropes and into the ring. After some standing abuse, the heel reverse schoolboys Steven so he can dig his fist into Thomas' abs like a drill and continue his punching and pounding. Brad has a momentary lapse in judgment brought on by over confidence, allowing Steven to crawl to his feet for a fairer fight. But the prey apparently knows how to dish out ab abuse as well as he receives it, punching Rochelle into the corner for a blast from Brad's Fantasymen past. The earnest good-guy shoulder drives Brad's gut deep into the corner turnbuckles, knocking the breath and fight out of the self-appointed "Boss of BG East". But Brad's not about to let some pretty boy babyface who's yet to win a match to ruin his day! Steve's comeback serves only to infuriate and incite the former-jobber-now-boss into a seemingly endless volley of violence. Brad escapes and reverses his corner predicament, repeatedly driving his knee into Steve's already weakened abdominal wall. He ties Steven in the ropes leaving him helpless and defenseless against his hit-him-with-anything-and-everything he can ab assault. He clamps on rib-crushing cross body scissors and flops Steven back and forth and all around the ring like a fish out of water. He literally walks all over Steven, back and forth across his belly and even jumps, with both boots, right onto Steven's abused abs. Ouch! The tummy torture just gets worse and worse, until, that is, the arrival of yet another BG wrestler...

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Brad Rochelle vs. Steven Thomas
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Get back in here, pretty boy...

190 pounds lands on Steven

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Steven Thomas tied in the ropes

Cross body scissors squeeze

Bombs Away! Knee drop!

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