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  Joshua Goodman vs. Aron Mobley

Mr. Joshua Goodman - 5'10, 185

Mr. J pours on the pain

Aron has Mr. J in trouble

Mr. J studies the target

Aron gets his abs blasted

Year of the Cat

The main problem whenever Josh Goodman has a match in the Wrestleshack is that there is barely enough room in there for him, his opponent, and his ego. And while many wrestlers have egos, few can compare with "Mister" Joshua's. Granted, given his good looks and the remarkably chiseled body of Homeric proportions, some slack can be cut him for the ego. He's also had some impressive wins in his career, and his very vocal fans bitch loudly when they have to go for a while without a new Mr. Joshua match in release. Despite all of his attributes'that ego can be a bit hard to take. And, afterall, the only thing Mr. Joshua likes better than a mirror is the sound of his own voice.

For newcomer Aron Mobley, the long walk through the woods to the WrestleShack must have seemed endless as Mr. Joshua kept up a steady commentary on just how wonderful it is to be Mr. Joshua. And as they strip down to their wrestling gear, the stream of 'I'm so wonderful' just kept flowing. 'I'm like a cat,' Mr. Joshua boasts, flexing his big guns to impress Aron, 'powerful, strong and light on my feet.' It's all Aron can do not to laugh as he shows off his own impressive pipes, and shoots back, 'You look more like a pussy to me.' The match begins'and Aron takes the egomaniacal one down with a vicious side headlock that finally shuts him up. But can he keep Mr. Joshua quiet for long? A wide leg-split and a body scissors help but Mr. J keeps yelping. And when he escapes, he punishes the hunky, beefy, hairy-chested, barefoot babyface in tight head scissors, a sleeper, a gut bashing and even a spanking! Talk about taking the new boy out to the wood shed!

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Joshua Goodman vs. Aron Mobley
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Tight body scissors

Aron Mobley - 6'1, 197

Aron splits Mr. Joshua wide

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