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  Tim Sheridan vs. Christian Taylor

Tim Sheridan - 5'9, 160

Tim pins, unties Christian's shorts

Camel clutch! Tim's got tricks!

Christian's back-bending bearhug

Christian brought to his knees. Tim leverages his hot head scissors and shows off his bubble butt

Scissors Stripping!

Christian Taylor hasn't had much success in the BG Arena since his debut against Austin Raines, but that has made no difference to his attitude. He's cocky, aggressive, and sure of himself'the handsome face and sexy, smoothly muscled body certainly doesn't hurt either. Young Christian is willing to take on anyone, any time, anywhere'the matroom, the gazebo or the wrestle shack; it doesn't make any difference to him! And unlike a lot of BG stars, win or (mostly) lose, he's tried it all!

Christian and cute young newcomer Tim Sheridan seemed to hit it off and were friendly enough, at first'and there was a strong undercurrent of chemistry between the two as they walked arm in arm into the wrestle shack to determine who'd be first to walk out. But as soon as they reach the doorway, Christian's friendliness disappears with a vicious shove that sends young Tim flying into the shack! Game on! And long, lean Christian is determined not to be humbled by a total newbie rookie boy!

Christian quickly pounces on a staggered Tim and clamps on a skull-busting head scissors! As Tim struggles, completely immobilized by the power of Christian's sculpted legs, Christian strips Tim down out of his shorts to his body-hugging white trunks, taunting the hapless newcomer as he does so! When Tim manages to power his way out of the brutal hold, turnabout is fair play! 'How does that feel?' Tim taunts as he crushes Christian's head with his own impressive head scissors, schoolboy's the pretty boy'and then returns the favor by tugging Christian's shorts off revealing sexy sheer briefs! Christian is not amused! And he may well have underestimated this rookie. To prove his dominance, Christian locks on a phenomenal suspended cross body scissors that has Tim screaming out his submission! Christian 1, Tim 0!

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Tim Sheridan vs. Christian Taylor
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THAT is a nasty head scissors!

Christian gives Tim a languorous lip-lock to graciously welcome the newcomer to BG East!

Christian Taylor - 6'2, 175

Christian's mean single leg boston

Humiliating reverse folding press

Tim's revenge - PLUS!!

The rookie boy gives the pretty boy a HARD time! A very impressive debut for sexy Tim Sheridan!

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