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  Skip Vance vs. Gil Barrios*

Skip Vance - 5'6, 138

Warming up the abs

Skip bridges in Gil's scissors

Gil applies a full boston

Gil Barrios works a single leg boston on blond rookie boy Skip Vance

Shacked Up

Gil styled himself 'The Big Bulge' in his debut match in the gazebo, as a deliberate challenge to Mr. Joshua Goodman. Since his first appearance, the sexy young Brazilian stud has worked hard on his body and all that effort shows'and fortunately for all of us, he loves to show off his sculpted muscles! And there's no better way to show your muscles off than sweating in the WrestleShack. The rules of the WrestleShack are right up his alley as well: two guys walk in, one guy walks out. In his Gazebo debut, Gil demonstrated that he has everything one needs to survive in the BG East wrestling world: strength, talent, skill, a luscious body and bulge to rival Mr. J and Jobe! As he and newcomer Skip Vance'a lean, cute, blond rookie boy himself'warm up in the gazebo before their match, the two playfully exchange some challenges as they hook legs to tighten their abs with crunches. The playful challenges soon turn into a 'how tough are you' exchange of gut punches as they do their crunches'until Skip decides to get the match started!

Skip's offensive takes the form of a tightly applied face to face body scissors'which is the kind of mistake a rookie often makes. A veteran will tell you this is the most dangerous way to apply the hold'as it allows your opponent a relatively free shot at your abs and the mobility to break the hold. Skip's legs are powerful though, and every attempt Gil makes'ab punches, rolling'to break the hold prove futile. The hold tightens and it looks as though Gil might be forced to concede a first submission to his lighter rookie foe, but Gil's not about to go down that quickly or that easily! A series of assaults on the rookie's abs result in the hold being broken and Gil decides to show off the awesome power of his own legs'applying a cross body scissors so brutally that Skip's back might break! As Gil establishes his dominance over Skip, the playfulness in his attitude vanishes and the cocky attitude he showed in his Gazebo debut comes to the fore'not only is he going to beat Skip, he's going to teach him a lesson! And the bodyscissors is just the beginning: boston crab, full nelson,
stripping, schoolboy, a bulging OTK backbreaker, and sleepers are just some of the treats in store for cute Skip!

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Skip Vance vs. Gil Barrios*
27 minutes

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Check THIS out, punk!

Gil works a full nelson body scissors

Gil Barrios - 5'9, 165

Jacknife schoolboy pin

Brutal bulging back breaker

Skip stripped, choked, chumped

The blond boy man-handled and paraded around the shed by the Brazilian stud

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