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  Jace Bradley vs. Mitch Colby

Jace Bradley - 5'8, 180

Mitch squeezes a front body scissors

Who's got the biggest best bicep?

Jace's face jammed into a jock

Mitch applies a suspended bow & arrow, aka the mormon sickle

"Muscle, Muscle, Who's Got the Muscle?"

Jace Bradley's easy-going manner and grounded wrestling skills make him a favorite in the locker room and among the fans. Of course, it also doesn't hurt that he's got a body to die for, plus blue eyes and a smile that will melt your heart! Mitch too has an exceptional body - the product of long hours spent in the gym. Also like Jace, Mitch has good skills, both in the ring and on the mats. And also like Jace, Mitch has been beaten down by some of the nastiest BGE heels - but keeps chasing that elusive dream of wrestling stardom. Self-styled "The Body," his ego has been fed by fitness modeling, and he also considers himself to have the best body of all BGEast wrestlers. He was keen to meet sexy young Jace - to prove to himself and the fans that he has what it takes to be one of the biggest stars at the company. And when these two come face to face on the mats, it's like something out of Greek mythology: perhaps Achilles and Hector facing off beneath the walls of Troy? In their sheer body-clinging, jock-revealing, translucent when sweaty singlets, that show off every muscle and every curve and definition of those oh-so-beautiful bodies, they circle each other for the advantage!

As these two Aryan wrestle gods size each other up, reveling in the presence of each other's muscular magnificence, they compare their development but chest to chest perfect pec pushing and shoving sends them to the mat. Jace's amateur mat skills serve him well as he muscles and maneuvers Mitch around the mat, racking up points were points to matter! This mat-mauling, man-handling domination doesn't sit well with the mighty Mitch, who bristles as the blond stud muscles him onto his back over and over...

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Jace Bradley vs. Mitch Colby
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Mitch grapevined, arms pinned and pressed deep to the mat

Sweet sweaty Jace racked

Mitch Colby - 6'2, 195

Mitch tries to score with a bully pin

Neck-constricting figure 4

Mitch bear hugs Jace the jock

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