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  Kieran Dunne vs. Joe Robbins

Kieran tries to break the choke

Kieran holds his abs in pain

Kieran trampled over and over

Muscles bulge as Joe effortlessly lifts and carries his hapless opponent around the ring

Kieran's bubble butt barely contained in his golden bikini

"Divine Victim"

Big Joe bemusedly watches the shorter hunk usurp his mirror time to show off his compact physique until he can take it no longer. He interrupts Kieran's posing by clamping on a vicious full nelson and in an awesome display of his power lifts him bodily and tosses him down like a sack of potatoes! Picking the smaller man up without the slightest hint of effort, Kieran is dropped down across Big Joe's knee in a spine-snapping backbreaker. Not content with one, Joe follows up with second as Kieran screams in agony!

Joe whips him across the ring from one corner to another before lifting him into one of the most brutal and prolonged bearhugs ever taped! With his Golden Boy wilting and melting in his arms, Joe tosses his jobber to the mat. Staggered and in agony, Kieran can do nothing more than writhe and grovel as Joe poses and then repeatedly tramples across his beaten and battered lower back. With a herculean effort to regroup, Kieran tries to get back into the match with a couple of forearms to the big man's chest - but Joe just laughs, counters with a forearm smash of his own that sends Kieran flying back into the corner - only to be hoisted into his big arms again! Cute Kieran cries out in despair.

Now it's time for Joe to put those mighty legs to work in a vicious scissors series which has Kieran's reddening face contorted in agony! And those gold trunks seem to be working their way into Kieran's amazing butt crack as Joe amps up the crushing pressureâ??and comes up with some amazing variations to torture the smaller man in an awesome display of power and sheer brutality. Joe's speciality suspended bodyscissors is already a thing of legend, adding gravity to the tremendous power of his huge quads.

For Big Joe, winning the match is a foregone conclusion. Now his objective is to humiliate the smaller muscle stud golden boy, even forcing him to pose for him when he can barely stand - and then, just as abruptly and with a mocking laugh it's back to brutal physical torture! Kieran is bounced back and forth, from corner to post, from toy boy jobber to mighty mouse muscle poser, and back again. If you enjoy watching the total domination and utter humiliation of a sexy muscle golden boy, then this one is a must-have!

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Kieran Dunne vs. Joe Robbins
28 minutes

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A big brutal backbreaking bearhug: Kieran punished in Big Joe's arms

Big Joe's relentless bearhug

Kieran hogs Joe's mirror time

Beautiful bodies in tight bikinis

Joe's suspended bodyscissors

Joe toys with his jobber boy

Joe triumphantly poses over a battered Kieran Dunne

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