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  Lon Dumont vs. Terry O'Daly

Lon Dumont - 5'7, 145

Lon elbows Terry's arm

Terry shoots a pose at Lon

Cranking on a single leg boston

Mighty muscle man Lon flexes for himself, the fans and his opponent: Standing figure 4 leglock

In Shape? - or - Another Rookie Rocks the Ring

Newby Terry O'Daly is a burly wrestler who looks like he just stepped off the screen of The Gangs of New York. We first spot him admiring himself in the ringside mirror. He's built thick and sturdy, like a life-size Stretch Armstrong action figure. Biceps like grapefruit, and forearms that are nearly just as big around. Short tousled hair that looks like it's been grabbed a dozen times or more, undoubtedly to the lasting regret of a dozen or more foolhardy hooligans shoved facedown to the pavement.

"Not exactly in contest shape at the moment, are you?" Lon Dumont quips acidly as he takes his place beside Terry, his tight, zero-body-fat physique a tacit rebuke of his opponent's mass. In skimpy stripclub-pink bikini with a thick black waistband, he strikes a variety of poses, with a grim half-smirk on his mouth. The veins pop up on his arms. Dumont has two previous BG East matches to his credit, one a singles match versus Eddy Rey and the other a tag team match alongside partner Chace LaChance. But he's no "rookie." Even in his first showing last year, it was obvious that Lon brought savvy, speed, and self-confidence to the ring, beyond that of most new wrestlers. And in the space of just a year, Dumont has managed to catch a lot of people's attention.

In the opening pose down, where Terry's girth dwarfs Lon's chiseled photogenicity, we see a study in contrasts. Terry is the big, powerful brute, and Lon is the pompous gym bunny, too confident in his muscular pulchritude to show respect for Terry's raw lumbering power. Without a doubt Lon is the one who could grace the cover of a muscle magazine, but Terry is probably the one you'd want beside you if you ever got jumped in a dark alley.

Lon's underestimation of Terry is a mistake, and a perilous one. Hypnotized by the taut splendor of his own profile, Lon is easily assaulted by Terry, who locks him up and hauls him down to the mat, where the big man's weight effectively negates Lon's vaunted agility and speed. Not that Lon is entirely overwhelmed. Terry's size, and inexperience, slows him down, permitting Lon to break free. He turns on his opponent, his face burning with embarrassment over losing the opening advantage to the new guy. Dumont backs him up to the turnbuckle and delivers several sharp punishing kicks to the man's legs.

Impressed with himself again, Dumont facetiously offers to 'tutor' the new guy. He proceeds to handily control Terry, almost eking out a submission when he gets the man down in a Boston crab. But through sheer brawn, Terry thrusts free and clamps the shorter, lighter Lon in an inescapable suspended full nelson, forcing a submission.

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Lon Dumont vs. Terry O'Daly
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Bearhug: Lon goes for the hair

Continuing his devastating assault on Terry's legs, Lon cranks on his figure 4 leg lock

Terry O'Daly - 5'10, 185

Lon's stretched in a full nelson

Lon lays in a boot on Terry

Terry makes Lon suffer

Lon falls back with his knee stretcher submission hold: Terry has his leg punished by Lon

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