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  Donnie Drake vs. Jobe Zander

Donnie lifts Jobe for a suplex

Jobe gets his neck worked over

Translucent trunks get wedgied

Donnie's lifted up by his hair

With Jobe's legs trapped over and through the top ropes, Donnie clamps on a neck-breaking hangman

Stealing the Spotlight?

BG East has shone the coveted "Spotlight" on fourteen wrestlers over the past seven years. And before the spotlight shone on Kid Leopard alone in his wrestle-travelogues "KL in Europe" and "KL in Hollywood". For our guys, a Spotlight is an Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, Tony, Pulitzer, Nobel Prize, Heisman, Senate seat, and Olympic Gold Medal, all wrapped into one. A spotlighted wrestler is at the top of his game. He has not only hit it big with fans but also drawn the attention (and sometimes envy, sometimes respect) of his fellow wrestlers. Until now, other than KL, only one wrestler (Cameron Matthews) has been honored twice with a place in the Spotlight series. Now we have a second two-time honoree: handsome Donnie Drake, just two years after winning the honor the first time.

Donnie's original Spotlight marked a major turning point in his career and ring persona. Coming to BG East already a budding pro wrestler, Drake bounced into the ring, all toothy smiles and firm round muscle, confident that a positive attitude and fidelity to the rules of fair play were all he needed to succeed here. After unceremoniously getting his ass kicked a few times, sometimes by rookies with less experience than he had, Donnie wised up. And in the match preceding his first Wrestler Spotlight--against Mike Pitt in the ominous Demolition 13--Drake debuted his darker, take-no-shit side, and right then everybody from The Boss down to the most casual observer recognized a new era had dawned for Donnie Drake, with grit and ferocity to match his admirable strength and skills.

Jobe Zander could not be a more perfect match for Drake in size and weight. Of course, we're talking only inches and pounds here. If we factor in ego, nobody's bigger than Jobe, the self-styled "Centerpiece," a wrestler with more self-esteem than attainments. Yet his lack of discipline and ring savvy makes him an especially lethal adversary. Jobe sees himself as indestructible and he exhibits every reckless and callous instinct of a man who thinks he can do no wrong. Stepping into the ring with a man like this is risky, if for no other reason than that a fighter's unpredictability increases the odds that somebody is going to get seriously injured. For real. And it doesn't take a psychic to figure out that Jobe, who has not yet been so honored once, will enter the ring thinking that it is he, not Donnie, who should be at the center of this particular Spotlight.

Jobe is immediately pissed off that Donnie Drake is wearing very similar and typically flashy boots and spaceman-silver trunks as he. Is our Donnie Drake playing with Jobe Zander's head here? If so, it's a bullseye score for Drake even before the bell sounds.

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Choke! An enraged Jobe tries to squeeze the life out of Donnie

Donnie digs deep: An abdominal claw punishes Jobe's midsection

Jobe Zander - 6', 190

The centerpiece on display

Full nelson/Camel clutch varient

Donnie's unique double arm-bar

Donnie taunts and torments Jobe with this standing headscissors making him scream in pain

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