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  Donnie Drake vs. Rio Garza

New & improved Donnie

Deep-digging double ab claw

Rio's stretched & hammered

Rio puts the boots to Donnie

Donnie in the air: Elbow dropping Rio's magnificent body

"The. Worst. Fucking. Decision. You. Ever. Made."

Everybody's talking about Rio Garza. And he's everywhere you look these days. Topic of heated debates on wrestling blogs and message boards, pin-up boy taped inside every fifth gym locker in America, and THE "it" sexy jobber climbing into wrestling rings from here to Timbuktu. Just look at his smooth caramel-colored chest and washboard abs as he warms up a pair of electric blue squarecuts while awaiting his latest opponent. You won't wonder what all the talk's about, then. "Dreamy" doesn't cover even half of it. Rio's face is every handsome prince in every Disney movie ever made. His symmetrical thighs are like smoothly polished oak. Small wonder that Garza got his own Spotlight just seven months after his BG East debut. This young man is a walking work of art.

"Ah, fresh meat over here, huh?" Caring little for art, Donnie climbs onto the apron for a closer look. He tries to act nonchalant, but look who's spent an extra twelve hours at the abs cutter machine this week! Indeed, in the looks department Drake could give the handsome prince a run for his money. To be sure, some guys prefer Donnie's square jaw and mom-and-apple-pie smile to Garza's smoldering glamour. And as a wrestler, Drake has it all over Garza in experience and tenacity - and arrogance. In the true tradition of muscle boys worldwide, Donnie challenges Rio to a posedown. Drake looks thicker and harder than the pretty boy. He's got about ten pounds over the guy. But the question on everyone's lips is: What's Drake going to do to Garza once the bell sounds?

At one time, Donnie, too, was a naïve rookie just barely acquainted with the ropes. Now, of course, he is a savvy competitor who knows the game backwards and forwards. He knows that eight times out of ten the victory goes to the wrestler who gains a psychological edge over his opponent. Smirking, he stretches his abs and invites the model boy to take a free punch, overly confident, smug, and contemptuous. Rio surprises him with a hard right and then bounces him off the turnbuckle for a follow-up punch planted squarely on Donnie's midsection. Drake groans and crumples to the mat, and Rio locks him between his thighs and squeezes a submission out of him in less than a minute.

Rio no sooner releases Drake than Drake plows right into him, flattening him on the mat and drilling his fist into Rio's gut, spitting out, "That was the WORST fucking decision you ever made: Never ... Shoulda ... Let ... Go!" punctuating each word with a punch.

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Donnie Drake vs. Rio Garza
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