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  Donnie Drake vs. Paul Hudson

Donnie Drake

Pre-match banter; bubble butt

Torturous abdominal stretch

Bodyscissors! Paul bridges

Tied in the ropes and mercilessly gut pounded

Mean Time - Or, Whose Gut Can Take More Punishment?

Paul Hudson is as tenacious and ferocious as any wrestler we have seen here at BG East. Star of his own Spotlight a year ago, he is back to test the limits of Donnie Drake, a bigger, heavier wrestler who has recently come into his own as a ring champion and thus earned his second turn at a Spotlight. But Drake is not indestructible - a strong wrestler, sure, but sometimes flawed in his follow-through-and Paul Hudson is definitely not one to wait before taking action. He charges into opponents with a boiling rage that he seemingly can summon out of thin air. Besides raw, vicious talent, Hudson brings to the ring a lot of wrestling training - his knowledge is at least equal to Drake's, and he is no stranger to taking on - and hurting - wrestlers even bigger than Drake.

"You ready for a whipping, white boy?" Drake looks down his nose at the blond babyface, blithely ignoring what the pale slim wrestler is capable of or else just messing with the youngster's head. If it's a psychological ploy, it doesn't work. Hudson meets his stare with cool, hungry eyes, like an alley cat that has just pulled in a 400-pound tuna. Hudson bounces on the balls of his feet as he circles in on Drake, who preens his "real man" muscles in the meantime and practically sets himself up for a fall. If Drake thought he could just waltz through this match with Hudson, he must have been reading the wrong sheet music. Paul is tough, and he doesn't take kindly to being underestimated by big guys with not much more ring experience than he has. And it's clear early on that he's looking forward to making Donnie cry like a baby. If he can do it.

A shoulder tendon stretched backward, against its natural curve, is a fine way to control a man, even one with fifty pounds on you. Smooth, silent Hudson toys with the big lug, twisting a bit when Drake clenches his fist, jacking the handsome muscle boy up to his feet with a slight counter-clockwise jerk, knotting him into a chicken-wing after Drake briefly powers loose. You can sort of see the point when Donnie recognizes that he's got his hands full with Paul. He gets the look on his face of a wild animal that has just stepped into a snare. There's a sudden constricting spasm of pain, and the eyes light up. At first you can't tell what causes the flash in his eyes, but then you read the lines of his grimacing face and you can see it's fear and dismay. A great big "Oops!" writ large-almost comical, like the cartoon coyote that realizes he's run out of cliff and he's treading thin air over the canyon - almost comical, except for the part about the pain.

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Trampling over Paul's battered midsection

Hung upside down & bent in half, Hudson's trunks bulge

Paul Hudson

Squeezing away on a headlock

Paul tries to break Donnie's arm

Unique reverse Texas cloverleaf

Impressive lifting ab claw, will Paul submit?

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