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  Exavier vs. Greg Garrett

Exavier - 5'10, 200 lbs

Desperately gasping for air

Cranking on a hot dragon sleeper

Punishing Greg on the ring apron

Blond babyface demolition: Exavier pulls Greg in for a closer look at his playboy 'bunny'

"It's All About Me! ME!!!"

So you want to be a bad boy? BG East is here to help, showcasing our baddest heels and our toughest technical wrestlers in a new series that pays tribute to the vain, the tricky, the cowardly, the sadistic, the sexy, the crazy, and the just plain mean. In the first of the series, we showcased some of our prize talent: Cole Cassidy, Jonny Firestorm, Kid Karisma, Kevin Lee, Aryx and Rio. Our goal is - and always has been, since the first day The Boss slipped on his now iconic leopard-print single-strap singlet, to viciously assault some poor sap in the squared circle - to make "bad boy" synonymous with BG East. (Are some of you saying you don't like "bad"? You want "cute"? You want "pretty"? You want "wholesome"? Here at BG East we've got those things too - in fact, we're picking "cute," "pretty," and "wholesome" wrestlers out from between our toes every day of the week.)

We open our second card with two seasoned pros: Greg Garrett and Exavier. To get to this, his tenth BG East match, Exavier has fought his way through plenty of competition to establish himself as a premium-grade BG Bad Boy. The man struts into the ring in purple leopard-print Playboy trunks and matching boots, salon tan, gold chain, and blond highlights. So Lesson #1: Look the part. Never just walk when you can strut. If you can't find something in purple, go with pink. No pink? No metallic gold even? Then fight in basic black. Take care of your skin and your hair, also. The fans want you pretty, and there's no point in being a bad ass unless your flawless features invite the urge to muss you up. Lesson #2? You need a big mouth. Exavier tells tall, pale Garrett right off that there's such a thing as sunlight and he needs to get some. Then recognizing that such brutal honesty may come off as "a little" arrogant, he offers to make amends by critiquing Garrett's muscle poses. Which brings us to Lesson #3: If you can get an opponent on his knees and looking down at his pecs voluntarily, do it, and then stomp your big bad-ass boot on the back of the poor chump's neck while his attention is elsewhere. Then, every chance you get, pull hair, pull trunks, make illegal use of the ropes, and never take aim at a man's chest when his balls are right there for grabbing and squeezing.

Skin tone is not the only - or even the strongest - point of contrast between Exavier and his opponent. Greg Garrett is a quiet, cool customer, confident in his abilities in the ring, so confident that he doesn't feel the need to boast about them. Proficient in the scientific techniques of grappling and catch wrestling, he wears basic gear - wholesome "true blue" trunks - practical, functional, and, sure, pretty sexy too, but not ostentatiously so. If Exavier is "Jersey Shore," we'd have to peg Garrett as "Happy Days" - in large part because of his Midwest accent, with its nasal, Scandinavia-inflected vowel sounds. His all-business approach to a bout, his easy-going modesty, his unflappable calm, his pragmatic distrust, and his nothing-personal approach to dismembering an opponent show his values in the ring to be firmly rooted in the Great American Heartland. So what do you think would happen if Richie Cunningham ever faced The Situation in the ring? Fireworks.

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Greg makes Exavier scream out his submissions

Sweat glistens on both competitors as they struggle in an arm bar

Greg Garrett - 6'1, 180 lbs

Grinding against Exavier's arm

Torture:Rope-bound hammerlock

Face smothering folding pin

Exavier bridges up on a submission, lifting Greg's delicious bubble butt off the mat

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