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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Bobby Horton

Jonny Firestorm - 5'5, 155 lbs

Shoulder block ab abuse

Gasping for air: Figure 4 sleeper

Bulging back bending boston

The 6'2, 200 lb Bobby Horton has his opponent trapped in a rack: Who's the man now, Jonny boy?

The Main Event: Stepping Up the Badness

Returning to the series he helped inaugurate, Jonny Firestorm warms up pre-fight, putting his compact muscular build on show for the camera. More than once Firestorm's agility and speed have leveled the playing field against bigger, more powerful wrestlers - to say nothing of this man's fiery temper (his fuse is the shortest thing about the guy), his tenacity, and the remarkable ingenuity with which he exacts crippling retribution against anybody who crosses him. With over thirty matches under his belt, in under six years, it's safe to say that Firestorm has become the embodiment of what BG East stands for in the twenty-first century. He has pitted himself against all comers - from Brad Rochelle to Rio Garza - and, love him or hate him, he has proved himself the equal of the baddest bad boys ever seen on the BG East mats or in the BG East rings.

Bobby Horton bounds into the ring in starry-and-striped trunks and a red domino mask, his long, wavy hair slapping his shoulders. He is a good-looking fighter, fast and strong. But don't let the Captain America getup fool you: these days young Horton cares nothing for serving and protecting anything or anyone but his own selfish interests. Beneath the heroic colors and lean, smooth Olympian build, Horton's soul is darker than three feet up a shark's asshole. With three bouts to his credit now, Bobby Horton has evolved from poolboy to babyface to (in a stunning turn last summer against Tyrell Tomsen) a full-fledged heel. It's understandable, then, that, having gained so much so fast, the young scrapper would be pretty full of himself, and he is itching to get his mitts on a superstar like Jonny Firestorm, bona-fide BGE royalty and easily THE man to beat if one wants the kind of bad-boy notoriety that blossoming Bad Boy Bobby Horton so clearly yearns for.

The two pose off. Horton gloats over his height advantage, making the mistake a lot of fighters make, of polishing their trophies before they've won them. Overshadowed by the six-foot-two Adonis, Firestorm climbs out of the ring to get a closer look at his own physique in the mirror. But Horton wants to ruffle the Firestorm, so he stands directly behind him, looming nearly a full foot over his head like a predator, licking his chops in anticipation of putting the fabled grappler through the wringer. Jonny pulls in some hard plastic aerobic steps, comically trying to elevate himself to Horton's height for the posedown. Even on top of three steps stacked on top of each other, he is a good half-inch short of Bobby's stature. Time to move beyond the pissing contest and step into the ring to find out for certain who's the toughest guy in the room. (Make no mistake, though: these two will find more creative and violent uses for those aerobic steps later.)

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