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  Peter Owens vs. Dick Rick

Peter Owens - 6'3, 198 lbs

Pete's perfect side-headlock

Back cracking OTK backbreaker

I give! Please! No more! I submit!

Peter Owens gets some revenge: A schoolboy pin and double ankle hook has Dick stuck to the mat

Arms and the Man

Dick Rick doesn't have a lot to say to Peter Owens that can't be said with a boot to the ribs and a crossface/chickenwing. Here's where the bad boy's vast ring experience shows: Why make a lot of noise, when you already know how terrific you are? Why use a lot of tricky dime-store psychology to intimidate an opponent, when you can snap the dude's arms clean off? There are not too many things more intimidating than a man with arms three times as big as yours deciding he wants your arms for his scrapbook. By going directly for Pete's arms, Dick plans to minimize the muss and fuss of a lengthy fight. And when you spend as much time as Dick does on his hair and perfect complexion, to say nothing of keeping up those certifiably Grade AAA arms, shoulders, and thighs, you don't want to let some young punk rumple your hard-won sparkle. Nuh uh. Nope!

Fans of the long, strenuous, and potentially debilitating agonies of the arm bar will not want to wait to put their order in for this fight. Dick Rick is a master of the hold, with a body built for planting boots to the chest and neck of an opponent and cranking the arm till the pits are somewhere between the guy's shoulder blades. But never underestimate the clean-cut rookie. If you learn nothing else from watching pro wrestling, you learn that. Dick makes as if to break the young challenger in two. Pete survives Dick's crippling holds long enough to give the arrogant heel a taste of his own medicine and actually win the first fall. Pete's limber six-foot-three build and fighting heart prove a fair match for Dick's brawn and nasty attitude. This might only be Peter's fourth match at BG East, but he's already tested himself against some formidable foes in Cameron Mathews, Exavier, and Greg Garrett - and while not always victorious, he's always managed to impress.

In these last few years, Dick has broken in his share of new talent here at BGE. He's something of a rite of passage for the new guys. What is more, as a seasoned pro he takes genuine pleasure in ending careers. Let other wrestlers string their rivalries out over months and even years. Dick's philosophy is if you beat a man right the first time, you never have to beat him again. After losing the first fall to Pete, Dick is out for blood. You can see the rage and hurt pride in his eyes. The mark of a true bad boy is that not only does he not like to lose, he takes a loss personally and determines to take it out on the other man's hide. Pete's ability to pay tit for tat is more than just a challenge to Dick; it's a flagrant insult. Frustrated that he's not able to make short work of his young opponent, Rick loses focus, and the targets of his attacks broaden to include Owens' legs, back, and neck. He's gonna punish this rookie from head to toe and everywhere in between!

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Pete punished: Overt choke hold

Dick's knee to the back crotch-ripping version of the bow n' arrow back bender submission

Dick Rick - 6'1, 220 lbs

Peter gets choked by the Dick

Dick drives into Peter's face

Peter locks on a revenge arm bar!

Knee to the neck: Dick Rick poses victoriously and arrogantly over pretty Peter Owens

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