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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Bobby Horton

Bobby soaring in a flying snapmare

Multi-limb octopus sub and ab claw

Bobby gut-busted and spanked

Suffering in Bobby's bearhug

Bobby Horton held by his long hair as Jonny continues his Ruthless hair pulling & gut bashing

Orgasmic Old-School Grunt and Groan Sweat Fight

It's no surprise at all that Jonny Firestorm poses the biggest challenge that Bobby Horton has yet faced in his fledgling career as a wrestler. More surprising is that Bobby is quite possibly the biggest challenge Jonny has faced, too. Sure, Jonny has wrestled big guys before - and handily beat most of them. But Bobby has more than just height, mass, and power working in his favor; he's got natural ring savvy and one of the blackest mean streaks we have seen in a long, long while. Besides, when all is said and done, size DOES matter in a fight, and Bobby has a nine-inch advantage (in height, in height!) and fifty-five pounds on Firestorm. Repeating "the bigger they are, the harder the fall" will take you only so far. In reality, big guys can sometimes win by just falling on top of you ... hard.

For those of you who can remember them, this match is like those hard and raucous rasslin matches from the 1970s, where two sinewy and unyielding combatants crawl into the ring to work up a drenching sweat, fight dirty (ingeniously dirty), and not stop till one or both of them get their lights knocked clean out. It's the kind of match that makes you appreciate pale and pasty skin on a grappler, in that each blow leaves a mark that remains glowing and indelible through the rest of the brawl. With a big enough TV screen, you can see these guys plaster each other with bruises and welts, taking Jackson Pollock's "action painting" idea a few steps further. It's the kind of match where the fighters become so slick with perspiration you begin to wonder how they manage to keep hold of each other. It's a match full of nonstop insults - and as the two hard roughnecks descend to inarticulate brutishness, the quips devolve into gurgles and grunts and moans and howls.

Also, don't be so sure you know who's going to win this one. Firestorm is the logical pick, to be sure, but wait till you see Bobby Horton get mean! Really, really mean! Jonny is creative and quick and crafty, for sure, but Horton here is a revelation, giving every bit as good as he gets. And in the spirit of old-school growl'n'spit rasslin, the two get so worked up with each other that they start hauling in whatever foreign objects they can get their hands on to use as weapons. Whatever cool these guys start out with is quickly lost. This is not a match for the squeamish or fainthearted. This is one for lovers of full-tilt aggro. Both fighters get a little unhinged halfway through - each one bound and determined to one-up the other in the bad-boy department. It's possibly the best Jonny Firestorm match ever - and that is saying a stupendous lot! It may well belong among the top ten matches in BGE history - and, hell, even we can't fathom the implications of that! But what IS clear AND indisputable is that while those other companies out there routinely bring you aimless, amateurish and repetitious fumbling, we consistently bring on the brilliance.

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Jonny Firestorm vs. Bobby Horton
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Fashion show? Usurping Bobby's ring gear while he's flat on the mat

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With a big height and weight advantage, Bobby effortlessly lifts and slams Jonny Firestorm

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