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  Dick Rick vs. Austin Cooper

Victory? Austin raises his gloves

Nearly clotheslined out of his gloves

The young hunk gets stripped

Ball crushing Tree of Woe

Gut-busted over Dick's knee

No Limits: A Big Mistake

Coincidentally the twelfth in this seminal series also marks handsome Dick Rick's "dozenth" fight at BG East - and his first appearance in a Hunkbash match. And after you see this delicious beating, you'll be scratching your head wondering why it took us so long to match Dick and Hunkbash together. Dirty Dick Rick and Hunkbashes are a perfect match!

He's here to do the honors on the hapless but gloriously sexy Austin Cooper, one of BG East's latest batch of "It" boys. The rookie muscle stud doesn't have a mark on him, wears a sexy honey tan and a fresh pretty face, with a smile that can dazzle you at a hundred paces. With his arrogant attitude and years of pro ring experience, the Dick is just the man to put a stop to all that. He's got the disposition to do damage and the solid iron build to follow through on it. The smaller, lighter, and less experienced Cooper is fast carving out a name for himself as a real fighter and stiff competition, but, honestly, what hope has he against a man of Dick Rick's cunning, arrogance, and power?

Austin is in the ring at the start, in white shorts and boxing gloves, shadowboxing at lightning speed. The young man has got a torso on him, all right, the sort of body you see in museum exhibits of stuff people used to worship (and some of us still do). Intent on his workout, he doesn't notice Dick sauntering into the room with his championship belt slung over his shoulder. Dick hectors the rookie for his "piss-poor technique" and does everything in his power to break Austin's concentration and, more importantly, get under his skin. In a display of complete arrogance and total confidence, the seasoned champ then invites Austin to take a few free shots at his rock hard abs, an invitation the harried young man readily accepts. When Dick withstands Cooper's best, the babyface sucker-punches the veteran - and that's when everybody in the room says, all at once, "Uhh oh...."

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Bow 'n arrow backbreaker punishment: Austin gets bent badly in Dick's surfboard

Full nelson torture in the ropes

Austin Cooper - 5'9, 165

Firing quick jabs to Dick's abs

Breath taking bearhug

Abs get clawed mercilessly

Double gutwrench submission: Dick's abdominal stretch & gut claw

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