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  Reese Wells vs. Kirby Stone

Kirby tries to lock on a leg nelson

Uh oh! Nasty flying neckbreaker!

Knee to the spine neck crank

Kirby sets up a dragon sleeper

Two of BGE's most popular and talented young pros give it their all in this much requested match-up

There's Nothing Cute About This!

Kirby is undeniably the better tactician, but just as Reese predicted, he manages to make up for it in fierceness of heart. At every moment, you can see Kirby thinking three holds ahead. But Reese battles his way out of one tight spot after another by sheer force of will, interrupting Kirby's masterful display of his professional chops. After inflicting a flurry of body twisting punishment, Kirby is a little surprised and more than a little frustrated to find himself yet again incapacitated in one of Reese's hammerlocks. It's beginning to look like Reese's never-say-die tenacity could very well be a match for Kirby's technical superiority.

But Kirby never intended this match to be merely a test of technical skill - not with a certain heel-appreciative Boss watching! A nasty stomp to Reese's toes forces a stunned break in the newbie's momentum. Kirby starts to pull out every dirty trick he's collected from the hard knocks he's earned on the circuit. A flurry of fists to the face and a relentless barrage of kicks to Reese's lean vulnerable abs leave him pinned helplessly in the corner. Kirby chokes the newbie in the ropes, leaving him gasping and coughing as he tries to crawl away. With no ref to keep the action clean, Kirby's left with nothing to stand in his way of using every low blow, every turnbuckle, and every inch of the ring ropes to prove once and for all that he may very well be pretty, but don't you dare call him cute!

Kirby secures the decisive first submission. "It's not fair that I have this much talent and look this good," he sneers, posing in victory. And like the heel-in-training he is, he doesn't give Reese even a moment to recover before launching into another savage assault. Reese, however, did not get the memo that he's just here for Kirby to beat up on. Reese finally gets the message that it's going to take a lot more than just heart to turn back the tide of Kirby's lust to prove he's not just another babyface. The boy in blue digs deep into his own bag of dirty tricks, unleashing a barrage of stomps and chokes on Mr. Pretty-in-Pink until Kirby squeaks out his own gasping submission. All bets are off as the two babyface beauties go at each other with a total and reckless youthful abandon. One of these rising stars of BG East is going to walk out of this ring having decisively left behind the label "cute." The other cute young hopeful will just be lucky if he can walk at all!

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Reese arched over Kirby's knee

Lifting Reese for a back breaker!

Reese Wells laces up the boots

Reese turns the tables on Kirby

Reese reeling in a wrist lock

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