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  Vlad Varek vs. Mitch Colby

Vlad Varek - 6', 243 lbs

Big Vlad sizes up the opposition

Air Vlad! Dropping the big knee

Mitch squats on Vlad's face

Huge Vlad Varek hoists tall handsome Mitch across his shoulders for a firemans carry airplane spin

Rising to the Gut-Punch Challenge: The Return of Big Bad Vlad

After making an impressive rookie debut against Rafe Sanchez almost four years ago, 6'3", 243 pound Vlad Vladek returned to Russia to defend his underground wrestling championship there. Rafe had been fearless, but he was doomed from the moment he set foot in the ring with the merciless, powerful Russian juggernaut. Alexi Adamov's bigger and much badder cousin Vlad told The Boss to give him a call if he ever found him "a real man" to fight. But frankly, even some of BG East's biggest and baddest gave a pass when The Boss tried to arrange Vlad's next match. The savagery of Vlad's vicious assault on Rafe seemed to inspire every excuse in the book for why one BG East star after another wasn't available for Vlad's return to BG East action. No one seemed too eager to risk life and limb against the practiced brutality of the tenacious Russian giant.

No one, that is, until The Boss approached Mitch Colby about adding a match with Vlad into Mitch's already busy wrestling schedule. "Hell, yes!", the lean ripped Colby said with his customary grin and enthusiasm. "Let's introduce that big boy to real American beef!"

Once face to face in the ring, Mitch has to admit it. "You are a big boy!" Mitch is no slouch himself, however. While Vlad outweighs him by nearly 50 pounds, tanned and toned Mitch is in just about the best shape of his wrestling career. Muscle by muscle, Mitch and Vlad compare physiques, and Mitch is sporting unquestionably more ripped muscle quality at every turn. Bulging biceps, sculpted thighs, carved abdominals... Vlad is massively solid, but Mitch's conditioning is clearly superior. But somehow, Vlad is entirely unimpressed.

"You want try?" In his broken English, Vlad challenges Mitch to a gut punching contest to see whose muscles and stamina are truly superior. Both studs take turns hammering their fists into each other's guts. Back and forth the gut punches fly. But Mitch is the first to flinch, and like a shark sensing blood, Vlad attacks. The massive Russian flings the ripped American all over the ring, driving his fists mercilessly into Mitch's tenderized core.

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C'mon and hit me with your best shot! Fire away! Vlad dares Mitch to a gut punch challenge

Mitch pounds away on Vlad

Mitch Colby - 6'2, 190 lbs

Vlad's ball-grabbing gut buster

Mitch poses as he squeezes

Vlad returns the favor

Playing footsie? After draping Mitch over the corner pad Vlad pummels his abs with his bare feet

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