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  Jake Jenkins vs. Joah Bindao

Jake Jenkins - 5'7, 158

Joah tweaks Jake's nipple

Sweaty Jake hoists Joah

Big bulging back-breaking rack

Gut punch challenge: Joah braces for Jake's onslaught as both studs fight to see who will drop first

Jenkins Put to the Test

Having developed a huge following this past year, Jake Jenkins is one of a handful of hot new names in the underground combat scene. For many of us the question has been whether instant success will spoil Jenkins. More to the point, will his precipitous rise be matched with a precipitous fall - especially since more than a handful of seasoned grapplers want a crack at the handsome and increasingly cocky upstart? In the latest in the seminal Fantasymen series, Joah Bindao makes a rare appearance (his third in ten years) on our mats, bringing back his finely honed skills in high-kicking Brazilian combat arts. What brings him back? We promised him Jenkins, simple as that. In less than twenty-four hours, the man was on a jet to BG East, licking his lips as he thumbed through the in-flight magazine. This is also Jake's third appearance here (but, in his case, all in less than a year), and his interest in battling Joah is linked to his fascination with the traditional martial arts, whose dancelike movements are as beautiful as they are brutal.

Joah has a strong, taut body. As he warms up, in blinding white gear, we see the bronze rippling of his back muscles, and the nimble speed with which he shifts from position to position, quiet as a ninja. Jake struts in and gives him the once-over, tilting his head back to look down his nose at his opponent, pretending a lack of concern about the man's solid build and snakelike capoeira moves. Joah, too, sizes his man up, feinting a few punches and kicks in Jake's general direction, imagining what it would be like to let their full force land on the young wrestler's well-developed physique. One of the moves swipes too close, nipping Jake on the chin. "Oooh," Jenkins replies. "I like that ... kinda hurt a little." The two men circle each other, their juices starting to roil. Jake eggs Joah on with a taunt: "You're a little punk, you know that?" - and then aggressively slaps the white hip-hop cap off his head and throws him down and dominantly mounts him.

Joah moves slowly at first. For the most part, he sees the initial contest as friendly sparring and deliberately holds back, handling the new superstar with kid gloves. Soon enough, though, he scissors Jake's waist between vise-like thighs. Jake groans and thrashes, trying desperately to free himself, yet Joah's almost absurdly powerful muscles grind against his spine, with what looks like very little effort. Jake feels his back start to tingle and the soles of his feet going numb from the pressure. Once back on his feet, Jake rips at Joah's shorts. The smooth-domed warrior happily peels them off himself and kicks them off to one side, revealing form-fitting briefs underneath, in matching brilliant white. Briefly Jake controls his opponent's arm, but loses his own briefs in the process. Joah then grabs Jake's leg and cradles the stud's body up so tight that Jake's knee chafes his armpit. Ruffled by the ease with which Joah can manage him, Jake takes advantage of the man's easygoing manner to take him down a notch, delivering an insolent cuff on the butt, followed by an egregious (and mean) kick to the ribs.

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Jake Jenkins vs. Joah Bindao
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Joah exults victorious?

Jakes ripped abs in high relief as Joah droves a knee into hid surfboard submission hold

Joah Bindao - 5'5, 140

Jake splits and cradles Joah

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Joah scissors and hugs Jake

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