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  Alexi Adamov vs. Braden Charron

Alexi Adamov - 6'3, 210

Braden grimaces in Alexi's headlock

Alexi's crunching full nelson

Braden's rampling bow & arrow

Alexi utilizes his height advantage to clamp on a suffocatingly tight rear naked choke sleeper hold

The Better Man: The Beefy and The Beautiful

Few men have graced our fantasies more than Sexi Alexi. A lot of us like the way he jiggles as he warms up jumping rope. Even if the man never wrestled, we could watch him warm up all day and all night. This is his fourth number in the Fantasymen series, but he's near (and often at) the top of almost everybody's list of favorite BGE Fantasymen. Nobody breaks a sweat as spectacularly as Alexi. Milky-white muscle - matched with nonchalance that can outlast the fiery tempers of his more hotheaded opponents. Adamov is a cool customer in the ring and on the mats, hardly ever ruffled by anything anybody throws his way. And even in his early days, while he was just learning the ropes (sometimes by being stretched out on and tangled in them), he never let a challenge pass.

Braden Charron fulfills the classic all-American jock fantasy - handsome, clean-cut with a brick shit-house build - a true Captain America type, as Alexi wryly notes right off the bat. This is the Playgirl model's third go at a Fantasymen bout, but he is a well-established BGE star, flexing his chiseled muscle for us in the Big-n-Beefy and Jobberpaloozer series, among others. If he seems a bit surly at the startup of this match - and there is a detectable chill in the air when Alexi first strides into the room - you can blame somebody (we won't say who) who let it slip that Alexi had, in a moment of locker-room swagger, dubbed him the "bunny slope" among BG East boys. (We're not even saying Alexi actually said that, but it is interesting to see how the rumor affects Braden's attitude here.)

Braden is determined to prove himself the "better man" - taking the high road by pulling up the ropes to assist Alexi's entry and immediately challenging the popular heartthrob to a test of strength. Arms stretched high and wide, Alexi has the advantage of height, but Braden is in no way intimidated, asserting and maintaining a vise-like control of his opponent as they strain for domination. It's all Braden's show till Alexi, tiring of being shown up (and outshone) by the beefy bodybuilder, breaks the lockup to snag him in a side headlock. Braden powers out and hammerlocks Adamov, contorting his matinee-idol face with pain. Alexi returns the favor, but can't constrain Braden for long, who reasserts the harrowing hold on Alexi's arm. Alexi takes it to mat, where he's more in control, gripping Braden's head and slamming his hip repeatedly to the bodybuilder's abs. Braden takes as much of this as he can before scissoring Alexi's head between his massive thighs.

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Braden slaps the mat for the count

Alexi returns the favor - ONE!....

Braden Charron - 5'8, 200

Braden's scissors has Alexi bridging

Alexi cranked in a camel clutch

Butt bulging test of strength

Pounding the pretty boy: Braden's intense head scissors forces Alexi into an acute bridge

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