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  Austin Cooper vs. Lucky Loko

Austin Cooper - 5'9, 170 lbs

Banana split spreads Lucky Loko

Loko traps Austin in the ropes

Bow & arrow bends the bodybuilder

Lucky has the young hunk sprawled on the mat courtesy of a perfectly applied figure 4 head scissors

The Virtuoso of Pain vs The Prince of Promise

One look at Lucky Loko, and you're tempted to say, "I thought Clint Eastwood rubbed this guy out back in 1983." At first glance, it might be easy to write off the tattooed slacker. But the wrestling fan - or the wrestler - who underestimates this dude, does so at a cost. He is wiry, sneaky, underhanded, quick, and cocky as the proverbial king of spades. With all the tough, grueling competition Austin Cooper has faced over the past year - Jake Jenkins, Dick Rick, and Z-Man - you might be tempted to think that Loko, with a slim build and only one BG East match behind him, is a soft pitch for muscle god Austin Cooper - a rat tossed into the python tank - but you would be wrong. Oh, so wrong. Contrasts are illuminating. What Lucky lacks in mass, he makes up for in cool calculated cunning.

Loko, a stringy-haired streetwise punk, lived up to both parts of his name in his Catch-Weight 4 bout against Dev Michaels, whose massive arms Loko was lucky to survive. The main thing we remember about Loko in that debut is that he's a screamer. Michaels all but broke the man into six equal parts, but none of that would matter if Lucky had not been a master interpreter of pain. Loko is to agony what Yoyo Ma is to Mozart. Some of us think it's more entertaining to watch Loko squawk and squirm than it is to watch most guys dominate. Not to say that he's a dime-a-dozen jobber. Lucky takes a licking but comes back kicking. And, more than that, he brings a gonzo intensity to aggression that you don't usually see. The man not only gives good "Aargh!" but, slim and speedy, he can also come at an opponent seemingly from three different directions at once.

Still, Coop's 20 lb advantage is nothing to sneer at. That added 20 lbs is hard, combat-trimmed muscle! His sudden rocket-launched ascent to fame and fortune counts for something too. This is His Spotlight - and that fact alone suggests that the man is riding a wave. Momentum like this counts for a lot in wrestling, a game that is as much about being psyched-up as pumped-up. You can see the confidence in the way Coop holds himself while awaiting the arrival of his opponent, alone in the ring in shiny cobalt blue trunks. The world is his oyster. He stretches his honey-colored limbs looking every bit a statue of Mars, Roman god of war, gladiatorial in his fearlessness and air of calm self-confidence. There's no doubt in his mind - or ours - that the time is ripe for this stud to seize the spotlight to realize his star potential. And every BG star wants a piece of him!

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Austin Cooper vs. Lucky Loko
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Metallic trunks highlight great butts

Coop's modified stump puller figure 4 leglock flattens Lucky Loko

High flying Coop soars

Big bow & arrow boot to the back

Coop tosses the smaller dude

Ab stretch has Austin in agony

Lucky Loko digs deep into Austin Cooper's tough tight abdominal wall with a ripping double claw hold

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