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  Austin Cooper vs. Jonny Firestorm

Jonny 'assists' Austin

A mat-humping head scissors

Coop crunched in a camel clutch

Fully weighted full boston crab

Austin's pride over his perfect abdominals made his gut an obvious target for the Firestorm

In the Red - or - The Big Bad Beating in Beantown!

Austin is smokin' hot in metallic red trunks and domino mask, red varsity jacket too, but we're worried. Isn't all that red, well, a bit dicey with the Firestorm due to arrive at any second? Won't it be like waving a red flag in the face of a bull? Coop doesn't look worried, cool as a cucumber as he studies every inch of his honey-toned muscle in the mirror - but this nonchalance only magnifies our concern. Granted, he's been on a roll lately. Here he is with a Wrestler Spotlight of his own, and he's been with BG East for just a year! That's impressive, and it says a lot about Coop's huge swelling ... fan base. But does the man even realize that a good 80% of those fans would relish seeing him get his ass kicked all around the ring? And does he realize that a good 80% of that 80% would like to see the honors go to the man about to step in the ring against him?

"You know the most unfortunate thing about that mask?" Jonny sneers as he climbs into the ring. "It doesn't cover your whole face." Austin's too dazzled by his reflected pulchritude to see Jonny's remark as anything but a joke. But wait till he gets the punchline! A swift kick to the abs and a double-fisted hammer blow to the back put Cooper face down on the mat. Jonny scissors Austin, strips off his white jacket and then wraps it around the pretty boy's face, using it to whip him into the turnbuckle. Some punches and kicks to the gut follow. That Jonny! Always giving the crowd what it wants! Then he snapmares Austin to the center of the ring, snatches off the mask, and gags the man with it. For an encore: more gut punishment. Savor it, folks, this is what you pay your money for! And right when the wunderkind bleats his first submission, Jonny follows it up with a double iron claw to the abs he just spent six minutes tenderizing.

Firestorm is a special kind of talent - a heel who gathers professional satisfaction from hurting dudes, especially dudes who need taking down a notch or two. Some heels take sadistic pleasure in what they do; still others look world-weary, haunted, driven to destroy through some brute impulse they are powerless to control. We figure Jonny must like the gig, he's so good at it, but at work he gives the impression of being just a craftsman, intent at his task, every ounce of concentration focused on getting the job done, strictly business - any personal satisfaction he gets from beating the shit out of Austin must be inferred. To look at his face, you'd figure he's just tallying accounts receivable in the books. He makes demolition look routine. For Jonny, it's just another day at the office.

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Austin Cooper vs. Jonny Firestorm
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Coop up by the hair and the trunks

Mormon sickle OTK bow & arrow

Austin Cooper - 5'9, 170 lbs

Abdominal stretch & gut claw

Over the knee cobra clutch!

Figure 4: Austin in agony

It's a total tangle of boots as Jonny bends Austin's back with this unique boston crab variation

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