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  Skrapper vs. Dev Michaels

Skrapper - 5'10, 155 lbs

Fists clenched, ready for war

The big man suffering in the scissors

Trapped by giant quads & stripped

Jock to butt: Skrapper catches his breath as Dev's humpy reverse bearhug punishes the tough punk

Fasten Your Seat Belts! - It's Gonna Be A Bumpy Ride!

We last saw Dev Michaels defending the honor and ego of his good buddy Z-Man by mopping the ring with Tyrell Tomsen in Wrestle Revenge. While that match was no walk in the park, he has proved that he is a prominent and pre-eminent fixture on the current BG East roster, whether in the ring, on the mats or in a hotel room! Today he struts in from poolside, a bit hung over after partying all night. In sunglasses and tiger-print spandex, the man could pass for stone-age screen idol Rock Quarry on The Flintstones. Skrapper's presence hardly registers with him. Self absorbed, he gives the slim but athletic young man a quick once-over and assumes Skrap is here to clean the mats! Skrapper would be intimidated, but he broke his cherry at BG East facing big, brawny guys like Brook Stetson and Mitch Colby. He's got twice the mat experience as his big, buff opponent, and a reputation for knowing no fear. Dev's cannonball biceps are plenty awesome, to be sure, but Skrapper scoffs, in his velvety baritone: "Those real? You sure you're not gonna pop?"

Like a true grappler, Skrapper is ever ready to prove his meddle against bigger opponents. Dev removes his glasses, the better to cast a derisive glance at Skrapper's lean but athletic body. He asks him if he's the new towel boy. You can almost see the hackles rise on the back of Skrapper's neck, but Skrap just licks his lip and glares at Dev, his bedroom eyes gone steely. The two men begin to wrestle, amatuer style, tying themselves together in a feverish knot, but then, as tempers ignite, the action intensifies and turns violent. Punches get thrown, and bodies get slammed. After Dev overpowers the young man and pins him, he asks, with a mocking smirk, "You warmed up yet?" Oh my....

Skrapper slips on a kneepad during a break in the action. Dev gloats, taking the protective padding for a sign of weakness. "Better get a helmet," he says, rolling and tightening his massive shoulders. Skrapper attaches himself like a barnacle to Dev's head and drags the lug down to his knees. He scissors the man's head between his thighs and drives punch after punch to Dev's thick, meaty lats. Dev's sunburnt skin blanches then flushes with each blow. The kid's a bigger challenge than Dev expected. Dev powers out and, his pride hurt, threatens to send Skrapper to the ER. He targets Skrapper's infirm knee, and he's slow to release a brutal leglock even after Skrap submits. When at last he loosens the hold, he rears back and smashes the tender kneecap with the heel of his foot.

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Skrapper vs. Dev Michaels
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Skrapper's lean athletic body is squeezed against big Dev's massive sweaty muscles

Effortless fireman's carry - Heavyweight Dev toys with his welterweight opponent

Dev Michaels - 5'10, 220 lbs

Big muscle full nelson & bodyscissors

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You're pinned, punk! Skrapper gazes up from under the foot of the dominant sweaty muscle god

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