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  Bobby Horton vs. Jobe Zander

Bobby Horton 6'2 200 lbs

Arm breaking agony

Seated shoulder stretch

Locking on a cross leg crab

Flying face first towards the canvas

Bigmouth Strikes Again

Jobe Zander is, at the very minimum, among the top three crazy talkers at BG East. He talks to his opponent, he talks to the camera, and he talks even to his own reflection in the mirror. He talks mostly to fill every inch of space around him with echoes of his inexhaustible ego. He is "The Centerpiece," as he constantly asserts. Or rather it is his piece that is the centerpiece. His egotism is not in the least tempered by the reality of a mediocre (at best) win-loss record. His mind exists in a parallel reality, unaffected by such petty concerns as objectivity, physics, and scorecards. Yet he is one of the most intriguing characters on the BG East roster. And win or lose, his matches always hold a riveting fascination that teeters between thrillingly sexy and dramatically outrageous.

When we told Bobby Horton that we had set him up with a match against Jobe he looked shocked. "Zander?" he laughed. "That loudmouth?" But Bobby was eager to sign on the dotted line for despite Jobe's grating patter and personality, his pro credentials are undeniable. Jobe's had an active professional wrestling career, one which Bobby would kill for, and a win over "The Centerpiece" would sure look good on Bobby's resume. "I'd almost pay YOU for the chance to knock that douchebag's teeth in," he said. "Almost." We hear that sort of thing a lot. Some guys you want to wrestle because they pose a challenge, competitively, because a win against them would be an achievement worthy of boasting. Not so much in Jobe's case. Guys want to fight Jobe Zander for the sheer pleasure of knocking the guy's lights out. For a few years there's been a rumor that The Boss will double the pay to the wrestler who finally shuts Jobe's trap for once and for all! (Unfounded, that rumor, by the way...)

Bobby knows that to survive in the ring against Jobe, a fighter's got to tap into his own private reserve of crazy. When Jobe pulls your hair, you have got to smack him in the balls. When Jobe strangles you with your own red-white-and-blue jacket and then wipes his butt with it, you have got to drag him to the ring apron and give him a good spanking. When Jobe falsely accuses you of dirty tactics, you have got to make the accusation a self-fulfilling prophecy. The only way to deal with a man like Jobe is to pull out all the stops - no matter how bizarre or crazy - and fight fire with fire.

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Bobby Horton vs. Jobe Zander
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The 'centerpiece' on display in sweaty translucent trunks

A triumphant boot on the chest

Jobe Zander 6'0 190 lbs

Pulling up on a hammerlock

Adjusting 'the Centerpiece'

Upside down for a shoulder breaker

Bottoms up! Tight roll up pin

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