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  Cameron Matthews vs. Ned Nader

Cameron Matthews - 5'11, 160

Face-smothering matchbook pin

Suspended sub, Nader struggles

Ned cranks on a scissor armbar

Just as Ned was about to succeed with full nelson submission, a mule kick gains Cameron a reprieve

One on One, Man to Man = Pin Me If You Can!

BG East's Mat Rookies celebrates competition, sometimes friendly, sometimes unfriendly, sometimes very, very friendly! It's what you remember from high-school gym classes, college dorm rooms, and the day rooms of military barracks: one part exercise, one part showing off, three parts macho rite of passage. If ring wrestling is largely about the audience, with the guys keeping one eye out for fan reactions to the 'show', underground mat wrestling is private and closed, with the guys focusing 100% on their adversary's probable next move. Mat Rookies lets us fans watch up close, but unnoticed, like flies on the wall, as hardy men lock eyes, limbs and libidos to settle their issues one on one.

Ned Nader contacted us about whether we could arrange for him to get some mat time with a guy whose career he had followed for years, our own Cameron Matthews. He was a huge fan, he told us: "Watching Cam go up against Mac Matthias, Josh Goodman, and Beau Nasty is what first inspired me to try out for wrestling in high school."

Now, he told us, his dream was to go toe-to-toe with the Cam-man himself. Attached was a snapshot of Ned in cotton shorts, outdoors in the glaring sun, brandishing a small trophy he'd won at a meet. He looked boy-next-door-ish, lean but very sturdily built with a dark buzz-cut - and with an alluring glint in his eye that stopped us from immediately tossing his request into the trashcan. We ran the idea by Cameron, who said, "Sure, anything for one of my fans - if the pay is right! And let's see what this kid is made of."

We really didn't know what to expect. Ned showed up a few weeks later, all grins, chest puffed out, bragging that he's as "big as Cameron Matthews ... if not bigger." Okay, we say, shrugging our shoulders, show us your stuff. In the mat room he peels off his polyester warm-up suit to reveal a purple singlet that clings to his lean, muscular, well-proportioned body. Ned Nader is ripe and ready, and itching for action.

Cam shows up wearing a sexy form-fitting baby-blue high school singlet, and Ned's eyes light up. His hero! And what does every wrestler dream of, except to one day wrestle his hero and kick his butt! Cameron takes in the get-up Ned is wearing and rolls his eyes. He can't resist snidely commenting on the orange shoes. "My ass-kicking shoes," Ned promises. Cameron smirks and circles, eyes twinkling, as if to say, "We'll see about that."

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Cameron Matthews vs. Ned Nader
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Submit, Cam!-No, you're pinned!

Ned Nader tries to force a submission from Cameron with an intense full nelson

Ned Nader - 5'9, 140 lbs

Cameron's octopus crotch ripper!

Cranking on an overlapping toehold

Revealing Cameron's bubble butt

You're going out! Ned Nader's very tight sleeper hold: Is it lights out for Cameron Matthews?

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