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  Eli Black vs. Jake Jenkins

Eli Black - 5'6, 135 lbs

Eli's crotch ripping banana split

THE bearhug photo of the year!

Jake tries to rip Eli's arms off

Jake's spectacular suspended surfboard has Eli spread wide and bent to the breaking point

"Screw This Freestyle Shit! Let's Go For It, Dude! - No Rules!""

At the BG East compound, not long ago, Jake Jenkins and Eli Black were watching a ring match they taped for another company, cackling at what they perceived as silly and nonsensical action. The Boss overheard this and said, "Well then, stop giggling like little girls, get your asses in gear, get down on the mats and do it right. Show 'em what you really got!" That challenge, combined with a payday double that of that first ring match and voila! Instant BG East classic! Gentlemen, here is your redefinition of "underground wrestling." We have two of the most exciting new talents on the scene today in a bout you can tell your great-grandchildren about. (Well, ok, how about your best buds...)

Immediately accepting The Boss' challenge, they dare all in a roughneck match that starts out quietly, but escalates in almost imperceptible degrees. Before you know what's happened, they're heaving and rolling like crazy. Everything's copasetic at first, as Jake and Eli try out some freestyle "stuff," just a routine part of a workout. The guys wear briefcut singlets, with Eli taking the extra precaution of ear-guards. They show off three or four of their favorite moves, offering a running commentary on the techniques involved.

But then Jake's natural competitiveness stirs, and he starts to call out scored points for every throw and reversal, much to Eli's annoyance. When Jake claims a pinfall, Eli protests, because nobody counts a pin during practice. Rankled by Jake's matter-of-fact air of superiority, Eli gives vent to his aggressiveness, hurling the bushy-haired pretty boy to the mat with some serious force. Ever coolheaded, Jake retorts, "Getting a little rough there, aren't you bro? Thought we were 'just practicing.'" Eli responds by trapping Jake in a mean side headlock, decidedly non-amatuer, and rolls him into a pin. Jake calls for the release, but Eli refuses: "No, I'm not going to let you go. Get out of it - if you can, BRO!"

How quickly a little one-upmanship intensifies to all-out war! For the longest time, Jake keeps his cool, if perhaps a bit smugly, his eyes brimming with amused condescension. Eli lets Jake's air of superiority get under his skin. His eyes narrow, and his jaw sets irritably. His moves turn progressively more reckless and brusque, wearing away at Jake's polite show of patience. Eventually Jake has had enough of Eli: "Now, you're starting to piss me off." Unable to contain his rage, Eli spits out, "Then maybe you should stop sucking!" Jake calmly reminds Eli that he totally dominated him until that last illegal headlock. Eli explodes: "You know what?! Screw this freestyle shit! Let's go for it, dude, no rules!"

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Eli Black vs. Jake Jenkins
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Gut punching Eli's rock hard abs: Jake slams Eli's chiseled washboard over and over again

Choke! The bout takes an ugly turn from a technical masterpiece to survival of the fittest

Jake Jenkins - 5'7, 155 lbs

Eli's sexy singlet barely covers

Eli gets bent in an OTK backbreaker

Yank the pretty boy up by his hair

The latent rivalry between two buddies degenerates to a brawl: Intense spine snapping torture rack

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