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  Gavin Keys vs. Rolf Fulton

Rolf cranks a crushing headlock

Knee grind for extra leverage

Uh oh! Hooked for a pedigree?

Bulging bridging neckcrank anklelock

Rookie Rolf shows his wild side biting the rope while sitting deep in a brutal boston crab

Born to Bruise

Gavin Keys has a hard face to read. It's got to be in his genetic makeup to take an immediate dislike to a swaggering bigmouth like Rolf Fulton. But his steady gaze and impassive bearing give nothing away. Gavin is a no-nonsense kind of guy, diligent and professional in everything he sets out to do. In contrast, Rolf is a wild card. Now and then a bratty treble inflects his chesty baritone. The voice suggests a pampered bully with big balls but no realistic sense of his limits. Something about him, his look, his manner, make you want to smash his face on first sight. If you're a wrestler, he inspires aggression: you feel something clench up inside you, on instinct, an itch that can't be satisfied till you break this prancing slimeball and make him give himself away as the spoiled cry-baby he is. An ability to generate this kind of heat is a surefire sign of a born heel.

Rolf looks at Gavin distrustfully as they face each other for the first time. He sizes the big man up and, perhaps out of vanity as much as anything else, convinces himself that he can take the guy. Gavin asserts immediate dominance. He employs a combination of clutches, knee jabs, and figure-four leglocks that give Rolf a quick lesson in the advantages of height and weight. But Rolf has loads of spunk, punching his way out of the worst his opponent can bring to the ring. In retaliation, he murders Gavin's thigh in an attempt to wear the blond boy down so that he can apply a hold of his own. Repeatedly he underestimates the advantage fifty pounds gives to Gavin. "There's no way you're getting out of this," Rolf boasts as he locks himself on to the quiet babyface. Seconds later, Gavin bursts through the hold like a shark through a goldfish net.

Typically Rolf plays to the camera, unable to get enough of himself as he plies his knuckles against Gavin's thick muscle. There's more to him than just braggadocio, to be sure, but he's got no shortage of bark, too. As Gavin repeatedly powers out of holds that Rolf thinks should be finishers, Rolf resorts to more underhanded tactics, more than once delivering forehead butts to Gavin's groin. It's a sign of his character (and perhaps delusion) that Rolf counts cheap shots like these as signs of his superior intelligence. The punk's tenacity and nerve are nevertheless impressive. At one point he leverages a Boston crab hold on Gavin by clamping his teeth onto the middle rope! The tension and mayhem escalate by Fall 3. If both these guys have a ways to go before they measure up to the ring veterans, they fairly explode with potential in this first match. With new young super-talented and super-sexy guys like these in tow, BG East is pushing great ring wrestling into the future!

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Gavin Keys vs. Rolf Fulton
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