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  Gavin Keys vs. Rolf Fulton

Rolf Fulton - 6'1, 155

Rolf pumphandles goodguy Gavin

Boston bulge:Sheer sweaty trunks

Trying to escape a full nelson

Bulge and butt! Great crotch watching as Gavin drops sexy Rolf with a big suplex slam

Diamonds in the Rough But Gems Just The Same!

BG East is constantly on the lookout for new talent: fit, competitive guys with star potential, "diamonds in the rough," as The Boss likes to call them. These guys are the future stars of wrestling. All they need is training in holds and ring psychology and a space to work out and test themselves against each other, conditioning their minds and bodies for imminent glory. Meet Rolf Fulton and Gavin Keys, two recent BGE recruits. We're certain that these guys have what it takes to make their mark in the wrestling world. And we're pretty sure that one day you will want to say, "I knew them when."

You may recognize Gavin from his recent bout against Canadian pro heel Caleb Brand on Rookie Wreckers 1. He took a good licking in that match, but he has picked himself up, dusted himself off, and returned to face more challenges. He's a good-natured guy, tall, sturdy, and strong, what some fans call "All-American." He's a babyface in the classic mold, determined, serious-minded, aggressive yet modest, built rugged like a ranch hand with a hint of what one blogger has recently dubbed "doughboy" sex appeal. The jury's still out on whether Gavin will shape up to be a "soft-bellied jobber," destined to be the doormat for up-and-coming muscle-heels, or a champion in his own right.

Our other newcomer, Rolf, making his first BGE appearance in this match, is raring to face Gavin in the ring. Rolf is fit, lean, tan, and pugnacious: this born scrapper lives, eats, breathes, and sleeps to fight other dudes. Gavin's slight height advantage and more problematic advantage in mass and weight do not deter or impress Rolf. This lean, flashy pretty boy does not lack for showmanship and supreme self-confidence.

Like most strongly competitive wrestlers, Rolf likes to put himself up against bigger guys. He comes to us with some experience in the underground wrestling scene, mostly as a heel, a role that fits him like a glove. Stringbean tall, with tattoos accentuating his wiry muscles, hair cut severely to the sides of his head, cocky, punky and seriously sexy, he looks like the kind of punk you instinctively want to take a swing at. Putting him into the squared circle with a big, clean-living bruiser like Gavin was a stroke of genius, even if we do say so ourselves. And when he drops the big knee and then body scissors the big boy and starts twisting his pretty nipple, we KNOW we made the right choice!

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Gavin Keys vs. Rolf Fulton
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All tied up with nowhere to go, Gavin subjected to a nasty nipple twist

Big diving powerbomb out of the corner about rattles the ring!

Gavin Keys- 6'2, 210

Big sweaty bearhug squeeze

High suspended surfboard

Rolf knee drops Gavin's spine

Cocky punk in trouble! Painful chinlock choke camel clutch: Rookie Rolf has no way to escape

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