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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Donnie Drake

Jonny Firestorm - 5'5, 155

Overpowering his smaller foe

Face to bulge head scissors

Spectacular ring rattling suplex

Jonny in trouble: Holding his head, flat on his back, pink bikini bulging, abs tight, muscles flexed

Jonny the Giant-Killer, or Donnie the Midget Tosser?

When Donnie Drake shadow-boxes alone in the ring, you can almost hear the whoosh of his fists cutting through the air. Donnie is a big man, built thick and solid, a model of physical development, an iron man with a salon tan. By himself, he rocks the ring, and his thrusts and weaves reverberate like thunder. We think of Jonny Firestorm, on the other hand, in terms of his ring prowess. Jonny is quick, physically and mentally. The man can turn on a dime, and by that we mean both his dexterity and his hot temper. What the two men have in common is enormous pride, coupled with a highly competitive spirit.

Jonny wears his pride on his chest, literally, a bronze medal in wrestling from the "Outgames" in Montreal. Donnie ribs him for taking only "third place." Donnie recognizes only one position: top place ... or nothing. Jonny glares back at Donnie with contempt and derides his haircut, a fauxhawk with a Bob's Big Boy quiff. Donnie's vanity and metrosexual sense of styling is in stark contrast to Jonny's butch, basic military crop. The verbal exchange sparks action. The two trained ring-warriors engage, and Jonny takes an aggressive lead, ruffling the big guy's pride, as well as his expensive hairdo.

Only momentarily daunted, Donnie retaliates, bearing down on the medalist while boasting, "With height comes leverage." But he finds Jonny nearly impossible to intimidate and control. Jonny moves like liquid lightning and takes the man's worst and keeps bounding back, each time a little more aggressive than he was the time before. For Jonny, taking charge of a dude about forty percent bigger is all in a day's work. We don't call him the "Giant-Killer" for nothing. Watching him manage Donnie is like watching a fisherman haul in an 800-pound shark. Even Donnie, who, just moments before, had called the bout a "midget toss," has to confess, "Maybe I underestimated you a little bit."

But underestimating the opponent is both a potential trap and serious danger for each of these young but very experienced mat and ring veterans. Not only are they among the top echelon of our biggest and most popular stars but each command big followings and well-earned respect as leading lights on both the indy and underground pro scenes. Donnie matches Jonny's bronze medal bragging rights with his own second place "silver" stint as a reality TV star. A match up between these two superstuds was both inevitable and incredibly titillating. It's a catchweight contest made in wrestling heaven, if you believe in divine ordination - and this spectacular match can make a believer out of anyone! Read on!

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Jonny Firestorm vs. Donnie Drake
41 minutes

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Grabbing ropes to avoid submission?

Donnie Drake - 6'0, 200

Head twisting camel crusher

Up by the hair, pretty boy

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