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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Donnie Drake

Knee to the neck corner choke

OTK backbreaker punishment

Superb back-breaking torture rack

Sexy schoolboy pin humiliation

Jonny wraps Donnie up in one of his infamous submission holds - Will the handsome TV star submit?

Why didn't anyone think to put Jonny Firestorm in hot pink trunks before? The man looks fantastic. It helps that his body's in peak condition for this match: thighs like anacondas, biceps like cannonballs, head and neck like a battering ram. We're mostly accustomed to seeing this guy in the basics colors, but never before in anything with the snap and flashy flair of this shade of pink! The vibrant color actually seems to enhance his confidence - and his bulge - not that he's ever been short on either! He's always had something of a chip on his shoulder, a drive to prove that, at 5'5", he's still capable of moves associated with taller wrestlers: grapevines, stretches, and roll-ups. Hard to imagine that any other wrestler could give Donnie Drake a tougher workout than he gets right here.

When Jonny's in charge, prepare to be dazzled! He's a ringmaster. His speed, resilience, and high-flying dropkick more than equalize this spine-tingling bout with Double D. Repeatedly, he musses Donnie's hair, tweaking the big bruiser's vanity and TV-inflated ego while paralyzing him in a headscissors. At one point he nearly scalps Donnie with a vicious yank. He brains Donnie against the ring post, and Donnie doesn't even know where or who he is for half a minute. Jonny all but has the win in his back pocket, when he decides he's not yet finished punishing his hunky opponent. If Firestorm has one flaw, it may be that he sometimes does not know when to leave well enough alone. He can't be satisfied with anything less than a brutally decisive ten-count, but, then, neither can Donnie.

Drake is a proud, vain, and equally sadistic opponent. He is a "model of efficiency" in dealing out the hurt. He chokes Jonny on the ring ropes. He pounds the man into the mat. He smashes Jonny's chest relentlessly, taunting, "If you can't breathe, you can't win, my friend!" At one point he punches Jonny so hard that he busts one of the turnbuckles clean off the post, and then, as Jonny woozily watches stars and bluebirds circling his head, Donnie reattaches the top rope just so he can fling Jonny against it and bludgeon the small of his back. "Size does matter," he insists. So here's a fight that consistently satisfies on many levels: drama, violence, character, and athleticism. And the climax will leave you breathless! A sweaty, sexy super-bout with two of the very best in the business!

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Jonny Firestorm vs. Donnie Drake
41 minutes

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