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  Aryx Quinn vs. Mitch Colby

Bare butt test of strength

Aryx buried deep in Mitch's crotch

Shoulder block to the midsection

Aryx tortured in a killer hangman

Returning the favor, sweat-soaked Mitch wedges Aryx's thong while the coward tries to escape

Disrespectful and Defiant, or, Saving The Best For Last!

Big Mitch Colby has experienced the full array of competition at BG East. Beginning as a trainee at the Leopard's Lair, he has since gone toe to toe with tough guys and pretty boys, rookies and veterans, on the mats, in the rings, in motel rooms, swimming pools, and gazebos, winning some, and, famously, losing some, too. Since his BGE debut against fan favorite Alexi Adamov, Mitch has buffed up and squared off against the likes of Cole Cassidy, Joshua Goodman, Tyrell Tomsen, and Brook Stetson, redoubtable, battle-scarred roughnecks all. Mitch has even been featured in the Wrestler Spotlight series. And his match versus Patrick Donovan is on many "10 Best of All Time" lists. Through it all, he has remained hungry and never shirked from a challenge. The man deserves respect.

Respect, of course, is one thing Aryx Quinn cannot be depended on to give - to anyone. He can and usually does, however, bestow attitude, lots and lots of swaggering, sassy, bad-boy attitude. Mouthy and self-obsessed, he prides himself on possessing an arsenal of potentially crippling holds specially devised for him by Kid Leopard, not all of them recognized in traditional rulebooks. If there's a way to hurt a man that Aryx has not mastered and employed in the squared circle, it's probably because he hasn't made it up yet. He is respected (and reviled) as one of the sexiest heels in underground wrestling, with a body that makes grown men weak in the knees. He, too, has been the subject of a Wrestler Spotlight, not to mention official recognition as one of The Boss's "BG Bad Boys".

Aryx gives Mitch the once-over and leers. He wisecracks something about "seniors division at BG East," thinking Mitch can be stung by the fact that he started later than most BGE wrestlers. Mitch shrugs and shoots back with "We'll see how you fare against THIS senior." Aryx doesn't even register alarm at the fact that Mitch has the clear advantage of height and weight. All that matters to Aryx is Aryx's reflection in the mirror. "I'd almost say we look alike," Aryx muses, managing what promises to be some measure of respect for his opponent, while posing his solid physique - and bare butt - for the cameras. "And that," he continues, "would be the best compliment you ever got in your life." Indeed...

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Aryx Quinn vs. Mitch Colby
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You're pinned, punk! Leg nelson: Aryx gets his crotch spread wide

Face humping, bulge bashing abuse

Big bicep muscleboy pose down

Sweaty pouch on mouth humiliation

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