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  Aryx Quinn vs. Mitch Colby

Face to butt reverse figure 4 scissors

Don't talk when your mouth's full

Suck ass! Double 69 headscissors

Muscle punk trampled under foot

Aryx shows off his girlish figure while talking trash and double foot trampling big Mitch's abs

"That's MISTER Colby!": Push Comes to Shove, or, Aryx Sucks Ass!

Mitch Colby and Aryx Quinn both wrestle barefoot. Aryx wears next to nothing, maximizing the amount of skin and muscle on display for the fans. More modestly bikini-clad Mitch looms over Aryx, a he-man-sized bruiser, ready and eager to teach the strutting, loud-mouthed narcissist a lesson in respect ... and humility. He starts with Aryx's legs, stretching his crotch wide till Quinn's entire body quivers in pain. A series of similar tests of strength and endurance confirm the big man's superior power. Mitch might be a few years older than Aryx, but it's Aryx who is breathing in gulps before the end of Fall 1.

But as always, Aryx is tenacious, even if vengeful. He takes a lot of punishment, absorbing the pain as if using it to fuel his fury for later. Mitch spanks Aryx's butt, an irresistible impulse, probably, given not only its beauty, firmness, and bounty but also its owner's insufferable arrogance. When the tables get turned, Aryx makes a point of spanking Mitch's butt in much the same manner. Nobody pushes Aryx without getting pushed back, more often than not, with added violence. The two men fight over the right to be called "The Body," a name Mitch adopted for himself early in his BG East career. Aryx appropriates the name for himself, confident that his "pretty-boy abs" (as Mitch dismissively calls them) outrank Mitch's mighty and menacing brawn.

Mitch takes every opportunity to smash Aryx's nose and mouth up against his sweaty crotch and ass. He locks Aryx between his thick, hairy thighs applying a figure 4 head scissors which smothers and silences Aryx's big mouth. He wants to hear Aryx scream out, "I give, MISTER Colby!" But, as we know, Aryx is a sly, cunning, and sadistic cheat. The upshot of all this posturing and jockeying for position is the kind of match that most BG East fans live for: raw, sweaty, violent action, showcasing expertly applied holds, interspersed with gut punching, ball twisting and multiple humiliating head scissors... and, in a shock defense that will have you rubbing your eyes in disbelief, biting. One stud finally gets the comeuppance and total humiliation many fans have clamored for. Stunningly hot!

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Aryx Quinn vs. Mitch Colby
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Mitch mounted:Aryx plants his pouch

Double ball claw: Who will cry first? Manhood meat put to the test

Right where you belong! Suck it, boy

Look at these guns, you jobber!

OMG! Biting his way out of the hold!

Gutbashing Aryx's ripped abs

Aryx lowers his bare butt on Mitch's back and let's the big man's dangling pouch slap the mat

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