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  Eli Black vs. Namen

Namen resists Eli's choke attempts

Revealing leg cradle

Eli cranks on a guillotine while the muscled model struggles

Eli tightens his air-tight mounted triangle choke

Namen locks a unique leg submission on the mat master

Muscles, Endurance, and a Knock Out Finale!

Eli's famously hard glutes aren't quite contained within the briefest of briefs the Boss chose for him to wear. Namen's square cut trunks are molded to his to firm, athletic ass and suction packed around the beautiful bulge between his legs. This rookie's mat experience is limited, which seems particularly dangerous going up against the triple threat of Eli's backgrounds in amateur wrestling, competitive MMA, and being an all around bad ass bully. But the handsome fitness star has an outrageous reach advantage and strength and conditioning that rival even Eli's. But could that possibly be enough to hang with scrappy Eli Black!?

Early going, the answer is a resounding "no!" Namen's incredibly long limbs seem to do nothing but give Eli more leverage for wrapping the rookie up like a twist tie. Eli's growing mastery of submission holds makes him adept at improvising that extra helping of humiliation the Boss likes. Namen is clearly overwhelmed by Tornado Eli. The rookie fitness star just won't give up! Eli finally breaks a hold when his tough opponent just won't submit. Both climb to their feet: Eli is puffing like a steam engine, but Namen is breathing easy with a big, confident smile stretched across his handsome face. Eli has his work cut out for him!

A humiliating schoolboy pin and slaps to Namen's coverboy face finally manage to get beneath the icy-calm skin of the fitness star. A barrage of offense from the rookie is more than Eli can handle. Once Naman locks his mile long legs around Eli's skull, the rookie shows exactly why the Boss selected him for this match. Eli flops like a fish out of water, flailing desperately to slip free from the brain busting pressure squeezing his skull. Scooping Eli up in his arms, the rookie slams the breath and the fight out of the famously tenacious fighter. With a knee planted firmly between Eli's thighs, Namen flashes his prize-winning pythons as he smiles down at his stunned opponent. That look of undisguised glee makes it clear that this rookie seriously loves dishing out bone crunching punishment! The Boss surely loves watching Eli suffering and humbled.

However, doling out humiliation to Eli Black is dangerous territory to venture into. Eli never fights better than when his pride is injured. The cocky gloating of the beautiful fitness star triggers that primal fierceness that you can see on his face. Even with prize-winning muscles and over half a foot height advantage, Namen struggles to hold back the pounding storm of Eli's relentless assault. Agonizing pressure points, joint wrenching submission holds, and knee-buckling strikes leave the rookie struggling to keep up with the expert takedowns of the MMA fighter. The battle becomes a marathon of tenacity and strength, with neither man willing to concede. Nothing short of one wrestler choked out cold, flat on his back, will bring this match to an end! Naturally followed by the flexing display of muscles that gives the Boss and the fans even more of what they want.

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Eli Black vs. Namen
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Ripped bodies on display

Neck-breaking nelson nearly knocks Namen out

Eli immobilizes Namen with a step-over arm submission

Namen finds himself choked and gut-punched

Eli finds himself rolled up and pinned!

Eli struggles to secure a double leg on the powerful big man

Namen attempts to eye gouge his way out of Eli's deadly guillotine stretch

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