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  Eli Black vs. Namen

Namen 6'2, 178 lbs

Eli finds himself suspended and split

Eli pins and humiliates the model with his folding crotch to face pin

Applying a painful ankle lock on the tough rookie

Eli clamps down on a rib crushing scissors and manically throws punches at the physique star

The Real Deal and the Fitness Star

Eli Black has been predicting great things for his wrestling career since before he even arrived at BG East. His plans include the complete domination of any and every wrestler with the guts to step foot on the mat with him. Eli also confidently touts his destiny to quickly become the #1 fan favorite in the BGE stable of wrestlers. "Real fans know the real thing when they see it," Eli repeats, often, usually as he sneers down his nose at the many wrestlers rumored to have turned down the opportunity to face him. It takes a massive ego and equally massive balls for a wrestler with just two matches on his resume to put his feet up on the Boss' desk and proclaim that he's due for his own Wrestler Spotlight. As Eli-enthusiasts are happy to tell you, Eli's ego and balls are HUGE!

The Boss has handled more than his fair share of outrageous egos, but Eli is a dangerous young fighter with the skills to back up his big mouth. His MMA expertise and championship high school wrestling background make him one of the most well-rounded and accomplished rookies ever to grace the BG East mats. He is the real deal, and commentators and customers have been burning up the internet clamoring for more of the ripped-to-shreds stunner. So the Boss flew in the young phenom to help break in the most recent crop of rookies -- and star in his own Wrestler Spotlight, to enjoy what would happen!

Namen looks like no one Eli has ever faced before. His long, incredibly lean body is bulging in all the right places. He is a fitness competition finalist with incredibly mature muscle development for such a young hunk. He has astonishingly long arms and legs, and standing 6'2" tall, he towers over cocky Eli as they stare one another down in the middle of the mats. You would never, ever hear Eli admit it, but an objective observer might have to conclude that Naman's deeply sculpted core may be even more impressive than Eli's pride and joy 8-pack abs. His dark brown skin and shock of blond highlights in jet black hair strike a stunning contrast with the compact, blindingly pale, dirty-blond Eli. "Where were you born, exactly?" he sneers up to the dark handsome stranger. Eli's penchant for withering trash talk seems to irk the rookie. "You talk to much," he announces. "Let's just get to it."

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Namen traps the matstar's head between his long powerful legs

Eli trapped in Namen's tight cradle pin for a 3 count

Eli Black 5'6, 135 lbs

Prettyboy Namen treated to an elbow popping armbar

Leverage: Eli schoolboy-pins the heavier hunk

Namen might finally submit as Eli pushes his armbar to full extension

A back-bending camel clutch tests the mat rookie

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