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  Eli Black vs. Victor Paz

Victor Paz 6'2, 172 lbs

Securing side control & an arm lock

Trying to catch an arm bar

Behind the head leg split! Ouch!

Suffering in Victor's iron tight headscissors

Eli Equaled in Expertise and Intensity!?

Eli Black is young and only goes at one speed: pedal to the metal! This intensity has propelled him to an impressive winning streak in MMA competition. In his first two matches with BG East, vs Jake Jenkins and Morgan Cruise, Eli demonstrated that, pound for pound, he can dish out --and take!-- more punishment per minute than possibly any other rookie before him. Eli is a fierce hothead with a dangerous arsenal of submission holds, crippling strikes, and a major impulse control problem. Having earned the Boss' respect, Eli here gets to break in another new BG East hopeful wanting a shot at joining the regular roster.

Victor Paz is a gorgeous, bronze wrestler with a boyishly handsome grin. He's 8 inches taller than Eli, again an obvious reach advantage. Victor outweighs him by about 35 pounds, every bit of it lean, powerful muscle. Coincidentally, Victor Paz says he has also been training in MMA. This dimple-faced, hardbodied hunk could be every bit as dangerous as Eli Black, if not more so!

Stretching his long, limber limbs on the mat, Victor Paz barely looks up when Eli strolls in. "Are you ready for this?" Victor Paz asks with a sultry, South American accent. "You should just be happy you're even on the mat with me!" Eli snaps back, giving the rookie the full measure of his supreme self-confidence. Victor Paz kisses his bicep and flexes in Eli's face, pointing out the guns that are locked and loaded to humble the likes of Eli Black. "These are picture perfect 8-packs over here," Eli snaps back, strumming his fingers up and down his legendary washboard abs, "which you seem to be lacking a little bit in." It's all shades of gray, however. Victor Paz's long, lean abdomen is hard as stone, with a sexy 6-pack etched across his core. Like a gentleman, Victor Paz offers to shake hands to start the match. Eli refuses to show even an ounce of respect to this second rookie.

Since Eli isn't ready to give him respect, Victor Paz plans on earning it. Within 2 minutes, the big rookie manages to muscle Eli to the mat. A few seconds later and he locks on a rear choke hold. "Give up, pretty boy!" Victor Paz shouts in his ear as Eli squirms helplessly. Completely in the rookie's control, an astonished Eli taps out before he suffers any real damage. "All right, I'll give it to you!" If this were a sprint, Eli Black would have just had his fine, fine ass handed to him! "Just getting started," Victor Paz crows, smiling down at his opponent clutching his throat.

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Eli Black vs. Victor Paz
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