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  Eli Black vs. Victor Paz

Rolling Victor up in a counter pin

Eli fully mounts his Hispanic foe

Yelping out in pain under Victor

Fighting to resist Eli's ankle lock

Victor rides Eli's back. The wrestle stud secures an elbow and attempts to dump him off

Blood, sweat, and tears: Full-contact muscle bashing

The fighters settle in for a incredibly long, bruising battle of brains and brawn. Having won the fastest submission from Eli Black ever, Victor Paz continues to surprise by setting the pace. Eli is a tiger on the mat, but the powerful rookie manages to hold the beast at bay. Victor Paz shows the power in those loaded guns of his, countering Eli's dangerous armbar by picking him up and slamming Eli to the mat hard. In an exhausting flurry of slams, joint-damaging holds, and vicious lightning strikes, these evenly matched gladiators fight for every inch!

Sweat glistens off Victor's powerful pecs as he licks the blood from his lip. Eli launches a furious series of attacks on the rookie's rock hard core, and punches relentlessly to the 'mere 6-pack' midsection of that long, sexy body. This rookie is nobody's punching bag; with speed that takes Eli off guard, Victor counters and returns the favor with a thumping barrage of sharp jabs to Eli's pride-and-joy eight-pack. When Victor Paz springs his bear-trap head scissors, Eli kicks and grunts like a wild animal. "Do you want to give up!?" Victor Paz barks at him with a Cheshire cat grin stretched across his handsome face. "Come on, pussy!" Eli replies, his voice muffled between the mocha thighs locked around his cheeks. "Squeeze those legs!" Victor Paz makes his opponent writhe. Eli taps out a second time in a row, slapping frantically at the rookie's rock hard thighs. Has Eli's famously smart mouth written a check that he just can't cash!?

Eli really has to bring it now as he fights back from this deficit. The submissions start to pile up faster and faster as the two begin to show signs of exhaustion from the blazing pace of this full-contact clinic. Crotch-ripping grapevines leave both cocky hunks literally weeping in agony. Their holds are meant to punish as much as win, and the hard-bodied hunks never say die. It takes a smothering crotch-to-face choke hold to finally knock one of these ambitious fighters out for good!

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Spotlight: Eli Black


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Eli Black vs. Victor Paz
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Tightening up his signature KO triangle choke, Victor tries to use his forearm to break the hold

Standing ankle lock, Eli tries to break it in two

Rough 'rasslers get rowdy

Resisting the KO sleeper

Hard bodied hunks grappling

Bottoms up! Going for the sleeper

Intense mat grappling action, Eli trying to put the squeeze on Victor

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