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  Chace LaChance vs. Magnus

Massive muscle studs show it off

Excruciating rib-crushing bearhug

Flexible hunk! Big boot choke

Bubble butt babyface bearhug

Sleeper in the ropes, KO time! Sexy Chace trapped in the ropes and powerful arms of Mighty Magnus!

Magnus Major Maximus (Great Greater Greatest)

Chace LaChance has faced some tough wrestlers before, including BG East's newest 'enfant terrible' Morgan Cruise as the marquee match on the heels stud's recent Wrestler Spotlight. Had he proved himself equal to those challenges, we might be more confident about his chances against a massively muscled dominator like Magnus. But perhaps Chace has simply not yet hit his mark at BG East. Perhaps all he needs is the right match to put him over as major force to be reckoned with. He's a terrific looking kid, no doubt about it, and there's no question that we'd like to see him hang around, but too much and too tough competition can take a toll on a guy's good looks. Right now, his boyish face is nicely offset by manly stubble, a banging torso, and a tiger tattoo that covers his right arm like a gladiator's galerus. His hot physique certainly catches the attention of fans, but the good will of fans and a pretty body are hardly enough to meet a challenge like Magnus.

Promisingly, Chace gains an early victory fall, knocking the giant out with a surprise rear chokehold after a sneak attack. But as giants often do, Magnus rises to his feet again, now more pissed off than before. Any hope that Magnus's size and bulk make him less quick and agile as a wrestler has already been dashed in the man's awe-inspiring debut in Wrestle Worship 3. Caught unguarded once, it doesn't seem likely that Magnus will give Chace a second chance to take him down. In fact, in the minutes following the surprise upset, Chace must set a BGE record for the number of times a competitor has said the words "I give" per minute! Eventually the sadistic Magnus is propping poor Chace up just so he can prolong the torment. Chace suffers splendidly, but it would take a miracle for him to defeat this titan, and, sadly for the kid, BG East does not traffic in miracles.

BG East believes in sensuous, dazzling but logical ring action. BG also believes in beatdowns, delivered at the hands of merciless heels. This match thrusts us into the mix and into midst of two massively muscular dynamite bodies placed under maximum stress and strain. Chace brings the beauty, drama, and toughness that have long burnished the art of underground wrestling. And Magnus seems destined to join the ranks of great BGE heels like the Brooklyn Bodywrecker and Cage Thunder.

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Chace LaChance vs. Magnus
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