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  Trent Blayze vs. Darius

Trent Blayze - 6'1, 195

Powered down to the canvas

Powerful pecs punished

Trent's double pec claw

Darius fights back with a spectacular C-shaped boston crab. How long can young Blayze withstand it?

Showdown at the BG Corral: Arm Wrestling Challenge

Previously set up against smaller wrestlers like Jayden Mayne and Attila Dynasty, Trent Blayze begged us to get him a fight with a man with "some meat on his bones." Trent tops six feet. He walks like John Wayne in Red River and talks like Jon Voight in Midnight Cowboy. All heads turn when he makes an entrance into an arena. His burly shoulders and confident swagger suggest an earlier era of pro wrestling, when young strapping bucks would grunt, groan and grind against hairy-chested hillbillies and barrel-chested sheiks. It wasn't that Trent thought Jayden and Attila lacked the competitive edge he was looking for when he signed on with BG East. He just felt it would be nice to square off against a man within ten or fifteen pounds of his fighting weight. He craved a sturdier opponent with bigger muscle. Somebody he wouldn't have to "worry about breaking."

Darius may not be as tall as Trent, but with huge shoulders, thick thighs and mountainous pecs the man is undeniably impressively built. Add to that a scene-stealing man-mound and a derriere on which one could serve high tea and voila! - you have a BG super stud. Darius hasn't fought any more matches at BGE than Trent, but when he came to us, he already had a fan base and a huge reputation in underground and private wrestling. His cold no-nonsense stare and his businesslike way of tearing into a guy are matched by a hard and resilient physique and knowledge in the arts of hurting people. And he quickly learned in his debut against Mr. Joshua Goodman that, here at BG East especially, you can't show your back to anybody. Like Trent, Darius too has been itching for a different kind of opponent. "No more fancy boys for a while," he told us. "Get me an iron-jawed slugger like me." There's of course a saying about being careful what you wish for.

As soon as these two tattooed ring gods set eyes on each other, they are chomping at the bit to fight. This much fine muscle has to be taken out for a test ride in the squared circle. Darius at first wonders how seriously to take the young lug we are pitting him against. It looks like Trent might be more interested in showing off the new tone of his muscles in the mirror. "Is this what we're here for?" Darius asks, with a tinge of impatience in his voice. But the posedown is only a brief prelude for a sweaty, sinewy, and sexy showdown that fans of old-style rasslin' are certain to enjoy for many years to cum.

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Trent Blayze vs. Darius
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Blayze hammers muscle dude Darius

Trent hovers over Darius' face as he digs deep with his pec punishment

Darius - 5'9, 184

Knee-to-spine surfboard

Fighting off a cobra clutch

Big muscle gets ab stretched

Darius trapped on Trent's back for a rack variation submission - can he trap the chin for a hangman?

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