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  Chace LaChance vs. Magnus

Chace LaChance - 5'9, 155

Breathtaking reverse bearhug

Massive Magnus boot chokes Chace

Showing off his superior power

Chace trapped in the ropes and stretched over the top courtesy of Magnus's punishing chin lock

A Fighting Chance, or, Big, Bigger, Biggest!

While working his biceps and shoulders in the weight room, tan and handsome Chace LaChance draws the eye of Magnus, masked muscle god and self-professed destroyer of men. Creeped out by the silent staring contest, Chace abandons the machine, leaving it to Magnus. The brawny masked man's overbearing attitude puts the young body-beautiful off, so he moves the weight selector pin to the bottom of the stack, hoping to teach the big guy a lesson. But Chace's jaw drops and eyes pop when Magnus effortlessly raises and lowers the maximum load. To judge by how easily he slides the 200 pounds of iron up and down, Magnus might as well be shoulder pressing a couple of egg cartons. Chace recovers his cool. "Just because you're strong," he reasons, "doesn't mean you can wrestle."

These are probably the nine most fateful words a person can utter at BG East. Certainly they rank among the top ten ill-considered taunts, right next to the similarly overconfident and foolhardy "That all you got?" and "You don't look so big to me." Magnus looks almost amused at the idea that Chace even thinks himself capable of taking him on. Of course, the die was cast two weeks ago, when Chace signed his name on the dotted line for this bout, against the advice of two or three frantic texts from the still-smarting, super-sexy Surge, who had recently faced the steel-muscled giant on Wrestle Worship 3.

All Chace knew about the six-foot-four Magnus was that he was rumored to be the next big noise at BG East, and he felt that a match with the big guy could build his win-count and reputation with the fans. Like all competitive young wrestlers at BGE, Chace won't back away from a contest against a much bigger opponent, especially since he himself aspires to be the BIG man on campus. Our young stud has bulked up quite appreciably since his debut appearance on Tag Team Torture 12 when a much lighterweight Chace teamed up with bodybuilder and bon vivant Lon Dumont, as well as his BG break-out match versus Kieran Dunne on Jobberpalooser 11 where he showed a darker and more dominant side. And Chace has come a long way since he and bud Brent Salvo were double-teamed and singularly schooled by Donnie Drake on Tag Team Torture 13: 1 on 2!

Our newly minted muscle hunk is literally bursting out of his bright, flashy trademark trunks. And Chace is always ready to put his mettle to the test. It's a praiseworthy attitude. We like the confidence and ambition. But realistically what kind of chance does Chace stand against a big brute beast like Magnus? And will all that new muscle help?

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Chace LaChance vs. Magnus
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Wedgie: GET UP, muscle boy!

Proud of those pecs, eh BOY?!

Magnus - 6'4, 230

Armwrestle: Big biceps bulge

Agonizing in Magnus' embrace

Those big arms can KO anybody

Muscle bulge vs muscle bulge: Magnus crushes hunky Chace in his killer bearhug around the ring post!

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