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  Z-Man vs. Rio Garza

Z-Man - 5'10, 170

Pretty boy test of strength

Powering out of a full nelson

Bodyscissors: Sawing the Z

Z-Man admires his own spectacular muscle while Rio suffers, trapped in a camel clutch

Forced To Flex: "You Don't Give Until You Show Me Some Guns!"

Latino culture is rich in many qualities, to be sure, but the one quality we are down-on-our-knees thankful for here at BG East is its men. Be-ooo-tiful, yet oh so manly! The Spanish-speaking world has not just given us the word machismo; it has, time and time again, given us its personification. Luminously handsome, sumptuously built, heroically self-confident, Rio Garza and Z-Man are to most other wrestlers what a baroque Venetian palace is to a Costco. Nearly every wrestler has muscle, thick slabs of it with which to batter and crush opponents, but Rio and Z have trim, elegant, streamlined muscle, suave and aerodynamic as Italian sports cars. Compared to them, most of the competition looks downright boxy. These stylish gentlemen are the epitome of physical refinement, so no wonder BG East has tried for months to get these two together on the mat or in the ring, and through a lucky convergence of the stars, our wish has been granted!

Of the two, Z-Man is the more recent addition to the BGE roster. A magazine model and experienced underground wrestler here and elsewhere, Z brims with vitality and gazelle-like speed. Versatile, too, he can play it however you like it: light and breezy or dark and sadistic. Sleek yet powerful, he makes a definite impression. His know-how as a grappler and entertainer rounds out what, by any man's definition, is the perfect package of aggression, grace, grit, and glamour. In the past year or so, he has stood his ground against our biggest, toughest, and most experienced talent, high-caliber wrestlers like Tyrell Tomsen, Dick Rick, Patrick Donovan, Austin Cooper, Skrapper, and Kid Karisma. He may not always win his matches, but he always wows his fans.

No less accomplished and well traveled, Rio presents an awesome presence, too. He's like a bronze statue of Apollo sprung to life. Somewhat taller and more massive than Z-Man, he has a body you just want to dive into and splash around in. On top of his obvious physical charms, Rio is an easygoing and winsome man, almost too nice, we once feared, but get him wound up and he is as tough and merciless as he is beautiful. He, too, has stood toe-to-toe with some of the company's fiercest competitors: Joe Robbins, Donnie Drake, Christopher Bruce, Aryx Quinn, Bulldog Barzini, and Jonny Firestorm, among others. But a model-vs-model bullfight against the irrepressible Z-Man has got to be his most electrifying contest to date - and one for which many a fan has clamored!

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Z-Man vs. Rio Garza
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Rio struggles to escape Z-Man's crucifix variation, his beautiful torso and sexy undagear on display

Leg split: Digalo, perra, someta!!

Rio Garza - 6', 185

Struggling ripped muscle boys

Revenge nelson on ripped Rio

Perfect pec punishment

Z-Man hoists the heavier Rio: A big powerful bear hug makes sexy sultry Rio say "I giiiiiiiiiive!"

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