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  Z-Man vs. Rio Garza

Rio Garza - Picture of perfection

And go! Bicep bulging arm-wrestling

Cranking a tight side headlock

Z's head tossed back in agony

What a display of power and skill! Z-Man hoists the heavier taller Rio into a perfect torture rack

Me Rindo! Me entrego! Yo someto! I Giiiiiiiive! - Now, FLEX! DO IT!

Z-Man and Rio Garza fill the camera lens as they stand, shoulder to shoulder, squeezing out one sumptuous pose after another. Nudging each other to the side of the frame, they want to hog the spotlight for as long as they can, each one convinced he can easily outshine the other. Z-Man calls the contest a clear win for himself, but Rio is not at all persuaded of Z's superiority in muscular pulchritude. So the two men next compete in arm-wrestling, bellies to the mat, palm straining against palm. In the end, big Rio beats Z-Man in a fair contest, handily (pun intended, though almost immediately regretted). The win is undebatable, but they continue to struggle. At last, they raise their elbows off the mat and rise to their feet, where the game changes to another test of strength, hands clenched above their heads, first one, then the other driven by force down to his knee.

Z-Man breaks the standoff with a kick that forces Rio back a step or two. Now the real fighting begins! Caught off guard by Z's sneak attack, Rio quickly recovers and strikes back, regaining control, trapping his sneaky antagonist in a full nelson and then forcing him to flex before releasing him. This becomes a model for the rest of the contest, as each man struggles to dominate his opponent and make him pop his finely tuned muscles for the cameras: biceps, then thighs, and then abs. More than just a replay of the opening poseoff, this ordeal gives us the twin pleasures of hard, muscle bulging before our very eyes, and athletic bodies straining and sweating together in a nearly paralyzed deadlock.

The battle escalates. Rio strikes the first low blow with a kick to Z-Man's crotch. Z-Man later retaliates with a slug to the balls that almost definitely will make viewers' knees snap together out of raw reflex. In the final throes of the match, the wrestlers demand that their opponent not only flex but also say "I submit" in Spanish. These muchachos guapos put on quite a show! This is a fight we've all been waiting for, for a very long time, and it's ruder and tastier than we could ever have imagined: bodyscissors, pec clawing, and gut-punching mayhem. Hold on to your cojones, bros, because this is gonna be a bumpy ride! Two of the world's most beautiful and revered underground wrestlers on the mats together, their perfect bodies stripped to their perfect undagear in the perfect muscle and eye-popping antidote to the mind-numbing election season! Victory! We all win!

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Z-Man vs. Rio Garza
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Forced to crunch in a figure 4

Bulge to bulge double claw hold: Rio grimaces as Z-Man digs deep, rips apart Garza's pretty boy abs

Z-Man goes for a submission

Z-Man arches back to a head bridge

Studs grapple for control

Hispanic heat, Latino intensity

Z-Man's not the only stud with a hot claw hold: Rio's iron tight double pec claw - a thing of beauty

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