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  Andy Hammer vs. Raven

Andy gets in his cloverleaf leglock

Andy works in a spladle pin

Raven bearhugged, Andy headlocked

Raven's headscissor in the air

Raven enjoys the pain in Andy's face has he suffers in between his thighs

Who's Got Whom!? or, Is That Your Face Under My Ass?

There's something primal about Raven. He moves with fluid grace. And he has that sensual way of wrapping his lean body around Andy like a cobra, slowly, surely squeezing his rival until Andy's got nowhere to go and no room to breathe. Andy is the first to secure a figure-4 head lock, but with astonishing flexibility, Raven suddenly catches his opponent's head tightly between his own legs at the same time. They're both on offense and defense simultaneously, and it's Raven who's endurance outlasts Andy, popping his head free and then making the blue eyed boy submit while choking on Raven's package in a fiercely intimate crotch-to-face headscissors. "Mmmm, yeah," Raven mutters, smothering Andy against his bulging crotch. "That's what you wanted!"

The pace is frenetic. Their focus is captivating to watch. Andy repeatedly picks Raven up and tosses him back and forth between the two beds. The scrap spills out onto the floor, behind the beds, under the blankets. Raven makes Andy wince in another kidney-bruising bodyscissors, shoves his face into the carpet and then grinds his crotch against Andy's gorgeous ass. Moments later, Andy's escaped and countered, pinning Raven's shoulders to the mat with that same gorgeous ass planted squarely across the scrappy punk's face.

You'll loose track of who racks up more submissions, but like the boys, you won't care as the frenetic wrestling slows into unmistakable mutual body worship. This very evenly matched fight brings out burning lust in both wrestlers at the same time. They exchange hungry kisses, and their hands explore each other's bodies. The excitement and anticipation grows as they grind against one another, until subtly, smoothly, shockingly one sly stud suddenly slips on a sleeper hold. His victim realizes too late that the competition is still on, slowly drifting into unconsciousness still firmly aroused. Totally hot!

What a way to rouse from an involuntary sleep, though! Tenderly but firmly, the winner slaps his opponent awake and then kisses him hungrily. Wrestling melds seamlessly into a different expression of passion as the boys pull the blankets over themselves....

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Andy forced to get a nose full of Raven's ass

Andy erotically worships Raven's body

Raven takes Andy for a ride

Raven in a Japanese strangle hold

Raven grinds in Andy's bearhug

Raven squeezes Andy's head

Raven feels Andy up as he schoolboy pins

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