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  Connor Cross vs. Arn Nedic

Arn Nedic - 5'10", 150

Connor cranks an armbar on Arn

Muscle boy Connor Cross crucified

Arn bridging out of a triangle lock

Connor screams in agony as sexy Arn revels in choking and punishing the suffering pretty boy

Mattress Matters: Go-Go Boy Showdown

Some feuds arise from jealousy. Some are rooted in competing interests. Others, like the one between Connor Cross and Arn Nedic, are born from nothing more than an instant, intuitive dislike for another human being. Serbian stud Arn has been a go-go boy in London for over a year, and his sculpted, lightly hairy pecs and rippling abs have made him a very popular fixture on the club scene. His whiskers and tattoos, along with his devilish smile, make Arn an object of countless bad boy fantasies.

Young English hunk Connor Cross signed up with a competing go-go boy troupe a couple of months ago, and as much as his painfully pretty babyface makes hearts melt when he dances (or wrestles) he and Arn shared an instant contempt for one another that neither hunk made any effort to hide. As cute Connor points out (often) he's younger, 5 inches taller than Arn and outweighs him by about 25 pounds of every bit of it as shredded muscle mass. "I'm bigger. I'm stronger. I'm tougher. And I'm better looking," Connor has commented on their rivalry. "What rivalry?" Wrestling will only take it to the next level.

All of those luscious muscles certainly make both of these boys sought-after commodities at the clubs, but with egos every bit as big as their muscles, these two were destined to settle their score in the way BG East fans appreciate the best: a motel showdown. Connor's stunning ass is picture perfect squeezed ever so snuggly in his baby blue trunks. He strolls into the room like Rocky, hoodie up, smirk on. Arn arrives moments later sporting his signature leather jacket and beautifully simple white briefs, showing off his hairy chest and legs. "You think you got what it takes?" Cocky Connor sneers, positioning himself to look down his nose at his shorter, shredded, smokingly sexy opponent.

Arn's answer is a commanding headlock, tossing blueboy to the mattress and crushing his face against the Serbian's bulging pec. For a couple of dancers, there's surprisingly little grace in these 27 minutes of motel madness. Brute force and bitter resentment fuel this battle. Connor makes the most of his size advantage, tossing Arn repeatedly to the mattress. But those massive biceps on Arn aren't just for show. Time and time again, muscled into one potential submission hold after another, Arn powers his way free. He muscles his way out of every potential predicament and launches himself headlong against his younger, bigger opponent, determined to beat the pretty right out of Connor Cross.

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Connor Cross vs. Arn Nedic
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Crushing side headlock: Arn has the pretty boy right where he wants him

Trapped between muscled legs and bulging arms, Arn struggles to break free from Connor's sleeper

Connor Cross - 6', 170

Connor enjoys Arn's exposed abs

Arn traps Connor in a brutal scissors

Arn in a tight abdominal stretcher

Go-Go Muscle vs Muscle Dancer: Arn struggles to escape Connor's deadly rib-crunching bodyscissors

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