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  Ty Garrison vs. Deni Dupuis

Deni Dupuis - 5'11", 156

Ty stripped down to his briefs

Deni suffers in Ty's headscissors

A sleeper has Deni gasping for air

Ty dominates Deni in a double bicep flexing schoolboy pin

Competing Lusts: Watch Football or Wrestle?

Ty Garrison has been tearing up opponents in the UK for years. He likes his wrestling raw and spontaneous. When BG East tags along to tape one of his motel rendezvous, he's happy to have an audience, but it's neither here nor there to the Brit stud. What he wants, what he perpetually seeks in the pubs and clubs and London back alleys, is a real bloke who likes his foreplay full out. He has a particular taste for a ripe on the vine Frenchman, so when handsome Deni DuPuis made a play for Ty, his boyband beauty and smooth accent were all it took for Ty to pick his prey. "I hope you like it rough, pretty boy."

They check into their motel room and quickly peel each other out of their shirts. They're both lean and clearly strong. The handsome Frenchman, however, is a little caught off guard when, abruptly, Ty remembers that his team is playing on the telly, and the next thing he knows, Deni is incomprehensibly watching English football on BBC when he's supposed to be pounding the mattress with this lean, studly Brit next to him in the bed.

There are few motel brawlers who have the stamina to go the distance with Ty. But if there's anything that competes with Ty's lustful pursuit of his next wrestling conquest, it's his football. BG East fans from the U.S. will call it soccer, but don't let Ty hear you. He'll kick your ass forward and back until you say the words, "It's football!" And seriously, don't even think about changing the channel once he's settled in to watch his footie on television. That's guaranteed to awaken the beast within!

Of course, that's precisely what Deni is here for: to awaken the beast (and not watch "that merde, English football!"). Abruptly, he grabs the remote control and switches the channel to a French language news program. "Hey, what the bloody hell?!" Ty protests.

Deni rolls his eyes. "I don't care about football." Barefoot and in nothing but tight jeans, a fight breaks out for the control of the remote. "Oh, you want to fight, eh!?" Deni asks rhetorically as he tackles Ty to the bed. Hell, yes, Ty wants to fight! Ty always wants to fight. Nothing short of his premier league team on television could distract him from punishing a lovely, lean stud like Deni. In a heartbeat, Ty reverses, pinning Deni to his back. "You want to give?" he asks. Deni gasps, "Never!" Those words, with football commentary playing in the background, are sweet, sweet music to Ty's ears.

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Ty Garrison vs. Deni Dupuis
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Deni spreads Ty's legs apart, crotch and ass exposed

Deni gets his payback when locking Ty in a headscissor

Ty Garrison - 5'10", 168

Ty fights dirty with his choke holds

Battling for the remote control

Deni stretches Ty in a full nelson

Ty gets in a chicken wing lock as he admires his boyfriends struggle to regain control

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