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  Ty Garrison vs. Deni Dupuis

Crotch watch: Deni's assets revealed

Deni rolled up in a schoolboy pin

Deni in pain from Ty's abuse

Double headscissors for the control

Ty's face is smothered in Deni's pouch while being schoolboy pinned

An Englishman and His Footie or a Frenchman and his 'Friend'?

Ostensibly, Deni's battle is to watch French language news, but his single-minded focus on unbuttoning Ty's jeans suggest that the TV program is not actually his end-game. With Ty persistently distracted by the telly, soon enough Deni manages to peel the Brit bad boy's tight jeans off him. With renewed focus on the handsome, hungry stud itching for a fight in front of him, Ty returns the favor, leaving them both in nothing but their tighty-whities.

"You're making me miss my football now!" Ty snarls. Doing his best to merge his two most favorite pastimes into one, he simultaneously grapples with the Frenchman while attempting to watch the game on the telly across the room. "I got you now, boy," Ty whispers in Deni's ear, immobilizing him with a hammer lock and rear choke that makes Deni whimper. "At least I can see the football if you keep still and SHUT UP!"

Deni's not one to keep still and shut up, particularly not with a nearly naked hunk stretched out on the same bed underneath him. Wrestling his way free, he gets the remote back and flips back to French language news. "Now what, huh?" he provokes the fierce football fan. "You want to watch your football, huh!?" He laughs, catching Ty in a full nelson and locking him up tight, forcing the Brit to watch the French channel for a while. They trade submissions; each time the winner takes control of the remote, but Deni wants to cash in those rough and tumble promises Ty made back at that club. His schoolboy pin turns even sexier when he yanks Ty's face into his crotch. "Oh yeah! So who's the winner now!?"

There's a natural born mattress wrestler in Ty, and with the prospects of owning the French hottie AND enjoying his football, Ty does what Ty does best. He hurts people. Another crossface chickenwing combo wipes the smirk right off of the Frenchman's handsome face. "Oh, you fucker! You BASTARD!" Deni shouts, his grunts of pain rising in a crescendo that sounds an awful lot like a full on climax. Ty yanks on his hair, turning Deni's face forcibly toward the television. "Watch the fucking FOOTBALL!" he growls.

From playful to erotic, the control of the remote and control of each other's bodies go back and forth. Is it more dangerous to come between an Englishman and his footie, or to come between a Frenchman and his erotic wrestling foreplay? They play out this international détente until one beaten hunk finally concedes, leaving the other to control of the 'telly' and, more importantly, turn his attention to stroking his opponent's beautiful body.

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Ty Garrison vs. Deni Dupuis
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Deni struggles to fight off Ty's tight choking hold

The excited boyfriends relax to enjoy the Winner's choice,

The boys lock up for the 'show'

Ass shot, with Ty in total control

Deni being squeezed in Ty's legs

Ty gets a facefull of his boy's crotch

Ass on bulge, Ty splayed by Deni's laying full nelson

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