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  Neil Hewitt vs. Trev Kinsley

Neil Hewitt - 6', 168

Neil fighting off Trev's headscissor

Trev left exposed in his shiny speedo

Trev in crotch grabbing ecstasy

Neil grabs Trev's jewels while applying a single leg boston crab

Time to Put Up or Shut Up

Former military man with her majesty's Special Ops unit, Trev Kinsley hit the underground wrestling scene about 4 years ago. He brought his hand-to-hand combat training into his debut match with BG East, turning 'Ruff and Raunchy' with Simon Forrester and learning some hard lessons about translating combat training into erotic wrestling. Since then, he's been out to make a name for himself on the underground scene, paying his dues and gradually climbing the ranks of the more seasoned wrestlers in the game.

Neil Hewitt is nothing short of a fixture when it comes to that scene, documenting his underground wrestling across Europe and North America both for BG East as well as on his expanding fan base on his private YouTube channel and Facebook. His style alternates between gentlemanly and balls-out ruthless. His reputation is for taking an opponent to the edge of terror and then deliberately pushing him right over that edge. Neil gets off on pain. His own will do, but he's a connoisseur of agony when it comes to watching his opponents suffer. He sniffs it, swirls it around a bit, and then drinks it whole when he brings an opponent right up to the point where he can't endure the pain any longer.

Neil and Trev traded taunts back and forth online before settling on the time and place to sort themselves out. Neil sports blue trunks and his signature pro-look star-studded white boots as he waits anxiously for the grunt to arrive. The knock at the door brings a smile to his face. Neil pauses, waiting, initiating the mind games he is so adept at, before finally opening the door. Trev charges in and immediately shoves Neil's back into the wall. He's in mean and sexy camo fatigues. Although almost half a foot shorter, he's a solid fireplug of a wrestler, packing plenty of power that immediately puts Neil on notice.

Never one to flinch at pressing an advantage, however, Neil capitalizes on his height and weight to back Trev slowly but surely into the motel room and fling him onto the bed. Whatever momentum and psychological advantage Trev owned at the start evaporates, as Neil deftly owns his opponent, shoving Trev face down on the bed with his arms pried backward. "Quite an entrance," Neil smirks as Trev squirms.

There's no pretense as these two go at it. There's no playfulness. There's no willingly offered respect. They instantly pit muscle against muscle, testing joints, punching guts, eliciting pain. Mere minutes into the confrontation, Neil manages to choke Trev with his own t-shirt. The online taunts, the opening aggression, it all feeds a fire between these two Brit stud stars to dish out pain and humiliation with wrestling abandon.

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Neil Hewitt vs. Trev Kinsley
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Trev's face is balls deep in Neil's jockstrap, trapped in a tight figure four headscissors

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Neil chokes Trev with is own shirt

Trev struggling in a full nelson

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Trev gets a nice long close up on Neil's jock strap

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