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  Denny Cartier vs. Kai Sotelo

Arm twist leads to an Irish whip

Denny has Kai pinned in a spladle

Bulge grinding bodyscissors

Denny fights to take the big guy out

Denny employs his amateur skills into getting Kai rolled up in a tight cradle

A Man With A Mission: "I Will Break You!"

Kai Sotelo sneers and calls Denny Cartier "Surfer Boy," with weighty emphasis on the "boy" part. Denny, in return, calls Kai his bitch. Fighting words for sure. Denny is barefoot, stray grains of sand still stuck between his toes. Kai wears boots, the better for stomping down a piece of history you want to leave behind you. The two wrestlers fly into each other, slugging it out, slamming each other to the mat, smashing each other into the unforgiving corners. The action is breakneck and raging. The intensity between these two men is beyond mere athletic competition. It runs deep: They want to wreck each other.

We have never seen the usually reserved and gentlemanly Denny this crazy mad before. We know him to be fearless from his previous bouts, but we have never seen him quite like this. Kai, on the other hand, is an unknown quantity, totally new to us. But what a hell of a debut! The ring battle starts fast and remains vehement and brutal from beginning to end. There's no breaking these two fighters apart. Who would even want to try? In the heat of the action and as a token of his disrespect, Denny strips off Kai's green trunks. Kai does not care. He's hardly faxed and totally unself-conscious. He kissed caution and restraint goodbye when he walked through the doors at BG East. He's a man with a mission, and that mission can be boiled down to four words: "I will break you."

This match showcases two terrific talents, both clearly skilled in a variety of wrestling and fighting techniques. They get down and dirty, sweaty and hot in no time and the holds and moves impress and even stun. It's as aggressive a mat match as you'll see in a ring without skimping on use of the convenient elements of the 'squared circle'. This one has a massive heaping of aggro and resentment bubbling over the top. Somebody famous once said that revenge is "a dish best served cold." That may be true for all we know, but in the first match of Ring Revenge, BG East is serving it up piping hot! Ring Revenge is smoking. Watching Denny and Kai tear into each other is like watching a raging wildfire. And it ain't over till one of these men is crushed in the mother of all bearhugs and left on his back, clinging to the ropes, trying to stop the room from spinning. A knock-out opener!

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Denny Cartier vs. Kai Sotelo
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FREE Action Clip on Arena

Kai's spreads his legs wide in a skimpy thong while head butting Denny's hard abs

Denny grunts in agony as Kai dives down for an elbow drop right into his opponent's stomach

Kai going in for a reversal bearhug

Grinding Kai's arm into the ropes

Kai suffers in Denny's armbar

Kai reaches deep for a low blow

Sweaty Kai stomps his boot into Denny's rock hard abs

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